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Help and Hope (while you are healing): Chris Carter Interview!

Today I have a special guest and I am so thrilled about it.

Around the summer, Chris offered me the opportunity to read her first book and I can tell you that this was truly a beautiful gift. As soon as I started it, I felt closer to her, I felt like we were two friends, chatting around a good coffee, her telling me that all will be well and that I will make it through, whatever that “it” may be. And maybe for the first time, I believed all will be ok.

I am so happy she said “yes” to this short interview and I can’t wait to discover, with you, all about the first idea, the book, and what there’s between. Let’s start, ok!

  1. Could you please introduce yourself in a couple of words (for my readers)?

Sure thing! I’m Chris Carter and I have been writing over at TheMomCafe for about six years, with hopes to encourage my readers through topics of motherhood, faith, and living intentionally every day. I have two kids ages 10 and 13, and I am blessed to stay at home to care for them and do ALL the things I love. Much of my time is spent writing and reaching others through publishing my words on various online sites, moderating a large Christian bloggers FB group with three other beautiful women, and leading a women’s ministry and teen ministry out of my home. I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be and anything else I’d rather be doing.

  1. When the idea of writing a self-help book about healing (and hope) did pop up in your head? What was your first aim? How long did it take for you to write it? And how did you organize yourself around this project? Any hard time you’d like to share with us all along the writing process? And a happy moment, that told you were on the right road?

It’s to me, quite an amazing story how my book came to be. I had felt a longing to write a book for some time, and didn’t have a clear direction on what to write about because my feeling was that the things I write about: Motherhood, faith, inspiration- are all topics that have countless books saturating the market. I didn’t feel I had anything more important to add to such a vast variety of really great literature on those subjects. I kept praying for clarity and guidance and for God to give me any ideas if I were to write a book. I knew it needed to be something unique and purposeful- but I really felt discouraged about what that could possibly be.

Then I had a pretty rough surgery, and during my recovery, I would try to write on the topics I usually focus on, but one evening I wrote a post “Ten Tips For A Woman In A Leg Cast” filled with the real deal on how hard it is to experience this type of recovery. I remember vividly, feeling like it was such a waste of time, because I never had written anything like that before- and I surely thought no one would want to read it.

As the months went by, that one post kept getting more and more traffic on my blog.  I started to get messages and comments from people that were going through similar situations thanking me for writing it. During this time, I was still praying for God to give me an idea for a book, and this post kept gaining more traffic. I thought this was very interesting.  So several months later, I had another surgery to take some screws out of my toe joint, and I was back up on the couch. I decided to write another post similar to that one, to see if it too, would be received the same way. “Twenty Truths About Life After Foot and Ankle Surgery” was gaining ground with the other post.

Then it hit me. I could write a book to help not only these women, but any woman who has to face recovery! I realized I had some experience in this area and could hopefully offer some insight and encouragement on this topic. I then searched for any books like this, and there was NOT ONE.


Answer to prayer?

You bet!

I knew I needed to write it.

The first draft wasn’t hard to write at all.  It came straight from my heart and my experience- but months leading up to it were spent brewing up ideas and chapter structure and how I wanted the progression of the book to go. The editing process was brutal. I kept seeing things I wanted to change, improve, clarify, and sometimes completely revise. After rounds and rounds of edits, and then a few more rounds from my editor…

I was finally at peace with it. I didn’t want it to be a complicated read, because I know that people in this painful place need and it’s not a lot of content to manage. I wanted to touch on the challenges people can face and offer them new ways to approach their healing with purposeful ideas and insights that were helpful.

I haven’t read it again since. I think I’m too afraid I’ll catch something else I want to change!


  1. You wrote it for every woman dealing with injury, illness or surgery – did you realized that your words would touch other hearts, people like me, dealing with the “normal” and daily ups and downs of life?

I honestly didn’t expect that my book would speak to women who weren’t in some sort of recovery, and oh what a wonderful surprise it has been to see people receiving it in this light!  It makes sense, because we all experience challenges in how we face difficult situations and life offers them regularly, yes? I think much of my book can easily translate into a general encouragement to view life with intention, purpose, and hope. I’m thrilled it inspires ALL women to shift their perspective in a positive way.

  1. Since you released it, how do you feel? How people did welcome it?

I have a sense of peace about this book and the messages within  it, which is a huge blessing to me. I have been so happy with the feedback so far, from friends who have read it and I truly believe it can help many people who are challenged with these circumstances. I am still working on getting it into the right places for marketing, so there is more awareness of this book. That is the challenge for me at this time. I expect this to be a slow and steady process, and I trust that God has plans for my book to reach many more in time.

  1. Will you stop there or do you have any plan to write another book sooner or later?

Well… I’ve been working on a project with my writing friend, Galit Breen, that has nothing to do with health and wellness, but it’s important just the same. She had asked me to work with her on developing an e-course or possible book to help parents guide their kids in the online world using Christian principles. I’m really excited for it to come out sometime in January!

  1. One last word for all women reading us today…

I truly believe that every woman will experience some type of injury, surgery, or illness in their life- if not many! It is my hope that this book can be on the nightstand of each and every one of them, because I know how important it is to have encouragement during such difficult times. I really see this book as a gift, pairing nicely with a good home cooked meal. I think there is nothing better than that for those we love who are hurting and healing.

Chris thanks for being such a true, kind, beautiful and inspiring person. You are making a REAL difference in this world. And I am delighted to walk with you on the road!

Chris Blog – The Mom Café

Buy the book on Amazon

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What writing means to me…


Reading Anne Lamott makes you think. Of life and writing. Of mess, pain, darkness, craziness and…

On what writing means to you.

After finishing one of the chapters of “bird by bird”, I started thinking about what writing is for me.

It’s like breathing.

It’s like finding my voice.

It’s like looking inside, searching inside, catching a glimpse of what makes me sad, what is torturing me, what makes me want to shout out loud, what gives me goosebumps, what kills me and what makes me alive. All in once.

It’s like sharing, being part of the solution (whatever the question – doubt – worry is).

It’s like being authentic, letting go.

It’s like treasuring the silence.

It’s like talking over a warm coffee on a cold Saturday morning.

It feels like crying sometimes, losing battles or catching emptiness in the midst of chaotic days.

It’s like being human and celebrating life.

It’s like finding my balance, my truth.

It’s like acknowledging that I am a mess somedays and full of hope others.

It’s like peace at the end of a long ride.

It’s like touching my dark side.

It’s like healing, grieving, standing up and dancing at the sound of victory.

It’s a way to say Thank you. To the World. To God.

It’s like talking to God, talking to pain, talking to every single life I encounter.

I don’t always know what to say, how to say it. I am not always true to myself, to you. Somedays I’d rather like be somebody else, using others words and style. Till I set the alarm clock and take some rest, look around and decide that whatever happen in this world, I have this chance to be who I am and to be alive. As I stop, I take a deep breath. It’s time for me to open a note book and scribble down my thoughts on writing and what it takes to follow one’s dream.

What about you? What writing means for you?

Do you know Anne Lamott?

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Carrousel Lights


Lights afar

The wind carries a melodious sound

Old song

Taking me back in time

Three years old

Little girl

Swirling around

Talking alone


Three years old

Little boy

Smiling back

At the little girl

Living inside

Lights afar

The wind carries a melodious sound

The Carrousel set into motion

Sweet memories passing by

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Happy Thanksgiving!


It’s about time.

On your side of the world you are getting ready.

To celebrate Thanksgiving

And I wish

You Love

Much love

Shared with the ones

You Love

And a good meal on the table

Kisses and snuggles

And I want to thank you

For being wonderful

For being you

For your words

I cherish them

And your light

It touches my heart

Thank you

For your friendship

Your kindness

Thank you

For never giving up

For showing me

It’s all about


It’s all about

Acknowledging our power

And living life fully

Eyes wide open

And letting our hearts

Meet others hearts

Finding peace

In chaotic hours

Thank you

For showing me the way

And telling me that

Being proud

Is not a weakness

But a way to

Celebrate human life

And God’s creation

May you have blessed day

May you have a wonderful day!

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In Between…

When you’ve been through abuse, when you’ve experienced bullying and harassment and /or emotional violence (sometime much more), it takes time to realize that all men are not like the one you’ve been with for « x » amount of time.

It’s hard to hear your friend complaining about her boyfriend or husband and to decide whether (or not) what they are dealing with is just “normal” argument between two people in love.

It’s hard to acknowledge that some people are really happy.

It’s hard to trust men again. It’s hard to open your heart.

It’s hard to be confident about you, about the power you have to set up the limits you need for your next relationship.

It’s hard to see friends happy and in love, always wondering “what if”?

It takes time to get over the past, to let go of all the feelings and emotions you experienced.

It takes time to realize that some men are good – good husbands – good friends – good dads. And that what they want is just the exact same thing you want.

It takes time to let love fill the space in your heart and rejoice for others happiness.


I’m still “in between”…

Acknowledging that some stories are good

Some meant to happen for a reason…

Others must be forgotten…

And many are complicated but beautiful.