My midnight blues

In Between…

Between security and chaos
I stand

Still at times
Like a tightrope walker
Unaware of the empty space
Under my feet
Confident in my skills
Wearing joy and serenity like a second skin

Lost at times
Like a defensless warrior
Emotions taking me down
Making me vulnerable
Full of insecurities
Feeling trapped in my own body

This is me
In between

Looking for more freedom
And then despising it
Looking for solitude
And then wishing to get close to someone
Aiming for more independance
And then feeling like I am missing something

Me and my

Knowing who I am
Losing me again

Finding my balance
Searching for it again

At peace within myself
Wishing to be different
When nothing makes sense

Day after day
To welcome all of me

Strenghs and weaknesses
Falls and victories
Deep emotions
Wish to feel no more

Learning to love me
Each day
Making this my priority

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt #7

We may walk many roads together
Not knowing where they will take us
Finding rocks on the way
Or roses with thorns
Climbing mountains with no other luggage
But faith
We may find it tough at times
And maybe we will wish to give up

But let me tell you something, love
After darkness, comes light
After the night, a new dawn will emerge
It’s nature cycles of life
Showing us that we shall not fall into despair
But always be brave enough to walk on

Every morning is a new start
Hand in hand we can conquer the world
We can’t be defeated if we believe
We can only find in the strengh of our love
The courage to face every strong wind

And when not knowing where we’re heading too
Just stop and contemplate the beauty
Celebrate our victories
Asking the stars to bless our dreams
And know that together we are free.

This is my piece of poetry as part of Writing Prompt proposed by Mona.

My midnight blues My Religion is Love

What link us together

This is not about our differences
It’s about the chance
We all have to share this journey

If we can, may we choose
To let go of what’s right or wrong
This is pure imagination

There is nothing to do or have
But being is what will make our world
Go round

Going deep inside and finding our truth
So we can shine
And let others do, too.

It’s about what we will make of our differences…

Let's talk about...

Happy 2020!

We got one month, but let’s do it now!

First of all, thank you for your support and your words. Reading you feels so good in happy times and harsh ones too. We all know these fleeting moments of pure joy or complete despair. Knowing that we are never alone is such a special treat. Together we are stronger, always.

Time to wish you a beautiful, bright, joyful year 2020. I don’t know why but I love this number, all round and sweet. It gives me the sensation that the year is going to be positive and full of awesomness.

May 2020 keeps you and your loved ones in good health so you can enjoy every single moment. May it gives you projects to bring to life, dreams to dwell on, words to live by.

May it be a year of sharing good times and meeting new people, of travels and discoveries, of time doing the things you love, of finding your balance, your peace, of getting closer to who you are, of letting go when you can, of loving yourself – pure and unconditionnal love.

I wish you the best and even more!

My midnight blues

Your place in my heart

I can’t promise you
A life without my down times
Without days full of scars

I can’t promise
Something I don’t have

I can only tell you
That as long as we are alive
You’ll have a special place
In my heart

My midnight blues Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt #6

It’s by the sea
That I see how life unfolds
Stillness finding me
Eyes lost in the vast space of blue
Nothing to regret
Or to keep secret

We are strangers sliding
On water
Nothing last
But everything deserves a dream

This is my poem as part of Writing Prompt proposed by Mona 

My midnight blues

The color of your soul

For inside you
There is a gem
The color of your soul

Awaiting to break out
From the tiny space

Ready to show its greatness
To the world around

Set it free!

My midnight blues Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt #5

As dawn emerge from darkness
She is riding toward the sun

Spreading her wrings
Free spirit

Her mind set on new beginnings

This is my poetry shared as part of Writing Prompt proposed by Mona.

My midnight blues Snapshots of my life

Pure joy!

May you be full
Of plain joy

Don’t let others decide
What’s good to share
What’s best to hide

There is nothing better
Than expressing
The pure essence of who you are

And Powerful
Pure Love
And Extatic Freedom!

Let's talk about... Snapshots of my life

Learning always…

I am learning. The ups and downs. In search of my balance always. Every day, acknowledging what’s working and what’s not.

The need to get in touch with me and the failure of not being able to do so. Most of the time. Except maybe when silence is on play, when lights are down.

I am learning to accept it, this place of bruises, place of emptiness. Never being sure. Always doubting.

I left fear and I thought I would never feel this way again. And yet, it’s another kind of fear. One that needs care so I can defy it every single day.

I wanted to be strong. And yet I am not. Embracing it makes it less painful. I feel the urge to open my eyes, to let the words flow, to open the door so I can stand on the edge and stop hidding, stop saying ok when it’s not, stop behaving like all is under control, stop pretending.

Maybe this is my chance.

Of being human. And learning to let go, after all. Day by day. Layer by layer. Till I can look at myself in the mirror and only feel love. For who I am. Without control and conditions. Without wanting to be different.