How I celebrate Love!

I am not a Valentine’s day celebration fan, but I wanted to share some love today with you all. So let’s see how it goes.

Every morning I wake up, got a shower and pray. For you too, for the ones I know need support and the others, for life to stay as wonderful as it is. If I say you make my word, you have to believe it, I never say things I don’t think.


I start my day by a quick visit to my Ate Sie @A Life’s Journey

Then I look for some inspiration and go for a walk that takes me to Asni@Inspiring Always with always a word to make my day, Dana@Dana’s Diary and her spontaneous thoughts, Galen Pearl @10 Steps To Finding Your Happy Place, Nadia @Journey Keeper, Irene@Inspiration from the little things, the wonderful ladies @See Beautiful and my dear friend Zarina (who I admire for sharing her ideas with much grace and kindness) @Muslim Women Exposed

I also find words peaceful and uplifting, it’s maybe why I never miss the poetry of Balqis, the Haiku master,@Part & Parcel of Life,  Jyoti@ Random Scribblings, Alex@Art-poems-stories, Sui@ Living in an Imaginative Spiral, Raphael@Raphael Bluewolf and the greatest of all Princesa Fiona @The Princess Passions.

A day without art would not be a fulfilled one, so I take a minute to appreciate photos and stop to say hello to Becs@Catching Sundust,  Jodi @Sweets and Shutterclicks, Tim@Photos by Drachma, with a obligatory detour into Wonderland where I witness another fabulous flower or a colorful butterfly @Pieces Of Contentment.

Then it is almost time for a break and I enjoy a lot sitting down comfortably, with a hot coffee, and browsing the beautiful and charming ideas stylish women like Christine@Lovingly Simple, Joelle@Something Charming and Wendy@In Wendy’s World have!

Lunch is coming and what a better treat than recipes from ingenious ladies such as Wan @Cooking Varieties, Ann @Cooking healthy for me, Hannah @Culture Connoisseur and a dose of fantastic cakes with Chantell  @The Crazy Cake Lady!!

The afternoon starts, another side of the world begins its day and for me it means checking the latest news of my favourites mummies, Foz@Muslim Mummy, the sweet Salma and her bundle of Joy, Rainbow@Chasing Rainbow, Olivia and her sweet girls @Soul Singing Liv, Nishana & Liya @Princess Liya
Before night falls, I starve for a bit of laugh, a light pause. It’s time to read Muriel@40Blogspot – A French Yummy Mummy in London, Stacey @Nail Polish, or Sammi’s cute voice@Stuff my Daughter says, Sagittarian @What Matters Most, Jennifer@ Serendipity’s Library.

When darkness covers my part of the world, I indulge in a warm tea, I take my blanket, sit down comfortably on my sofa and increase my knowledge of Islam with Ibn Hani@The Voice of Nature, and set of for a World tour that takes me to Egypt to visit Yosra@ After Hardship comes Ease, to Pakistan to read Izdiher‘s latest news, to France to see how Um Zakarya @Froggy Hijabee is getting on, to Denmark to read Zuzana inspiring thoughts @Life Through Reflections, to Belgium to visit Safiyah and her reflections on faith and religion @Safiyahs Musings and Morocco to discover what new Idea Itto @Itto’s Living Faith has to share, without missing Kim’s awesome voice @My Inner Chick.

Bedtime rings and I can’t miss a lovely story @The Other Side of Me or @ Zebra Talk.

If some of you are not mentioned it’s because you have been away from blogger for a while, because I check every day to see if there is a new post and always feel a bit upset when there is none. I miss you a lot:

PsychoBB@ Almost but not Quite
Elisa@ Before Sunrise
Bibi@ Simple Summit
Omsolaym @ Islamic Wear Guide
Najeeba@ I have a Rainbow
Madhulika @ Madhulika Speaks
Sanaa@ One Droplet in an Ocean
Bosnish Muslima@ In Love With The Arabic World
My sweet Bonnie @ Blessings Through Trials
My dear Amie@ A Meaning of an Optimist
My lovely friend RoseWater

Thank you so much for everything you offer me on a daily basis. I carry you all in my heart. Have a wonderful day and share some love!

Your words are lovely, share them with me!

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