Stop Judging the Ones who Judge

Today’s is another New Resolution Friday. After No More Lies, today I have decided to stop Judging the Ones who Judge.
It seems a bit complicated. I explain myself.
When I say I am an open-minded person who don’t judge, I lie. I am not prefect but I try to be better. It is a long and hard path but it is the one I have chosen. It doesn’t mean I won’t do anymore mistake, but I will certainly try to make less.
As an open minded person, I think the ones that are narrow-minded are kind of stupid , old fashioned people. How can you be so close in a world like the one we are living in now? Am I not judgmental by saying this?
I am. And turning the idea in my head for a while I came to the conclusion – people judge because they are afraid. They are afraid because they don’t know.
  • Let’s take the idea that some people think “All Muslim are terrorists“. They don’t know, they have never talked to any Muslim man or woman. They only remember the 9/11 and Iran elections  issues.
  • Another one – “All Inter-cultural Marriages are falling”. They only remember the movie “Never without my Daughter” and the book “Sold”. In parents mind, their daughter and grandchildren will live in the middle of the desert, without seeing a ray of light for the rest of their lives.
So what’s to be done? To continue judging them or to help them?
Here is the idea, we are all passionate about something, we all know a bit more than others on one or more subjects, on one special aspect of our life.
We can make a difference. Even a tiny one can make great changes

We can teach people what we know, help them see things from a different angle, open their eyes that they can find out what makes sense to them or not. And after it is their choice to change their point of view or not.

But I bet they would.
Whatever you know, whatever you learn, go out and say it loud, find somebody who don’t know and chat.
If we all do this with our family, friends, neighbours, in our cities, capitals, in our college, place of work, on our blogs or websites, we can change the World.
Love is what makes our world go round.
Let’s live it, Let’s share it.

11 thoughts on “Stop Judging the Ones who Judge

  1. I really do hate to disagree, but those people have plenty of examples of the flaw in their ignorant thinking in their faces, they just do not acknowledge it. While you pointing it out may force them to see, in the end seldom are prejudices easy to shake. I would like to think I am wrong, though, so please, let me know of your successes.


  2. Marie-I think that this is a great post, it speaks about empathy. As we know empathy is about “walking in someone elses shoes”. Things beome very different when you actually take the time to step into someone elses “world” and understand where they are coming from. This applies to anyone. I don't know what your current relationship is that you refer to in your comment, or why your parents are not willing to acept it. They may not have valid reasons for accepting it, but if you really want to understand where they're coming from then empathise with them. Forget all your own ideas and notions about life and think about the situation as if you were them and this will give you insight. It may not solve the problem, but at least it'll make it easier for you to understand.ALl the best with everything.


  3. Zarina thank you for the award. You are so kind. May you be blessed always.I was thinking some people are locked in the way they think and until they decide to make a step forward their mindset will stay the same. And maybe we can help them change the way they see these things.It is hard for me to talk with my parents because, they don't know yet my future husband, but because he is Muslim and didn't get a chance to go to college, they think our marriage will fail. I understand they are afraid. It will come eventually. Once they will see me happy and willing to create a family. Thank you for your nice words. I will try to listen to them more and exchange, not thinking I am the one to be right. The World needs more people like you.Take good care of yourself.


  4. Inshaa'Allah everything will work out well for you Marie. Remember though that no matter what happens, you must continue to persist in making sure that you do not break ties with your parents. I've learnt that all parents just want what's best for their children. They may not always be right, but they think that what they're doing is the best. Islam always encourages us to maintain ties with our parents to such an extent that even if you are Muslim and your parents are not you still have to keep the ties with them. Keep praying to God and He will make things easy for you and help your parents to understand. It's not easy for people to change their mindsets, especially when they have been seen things in a certain way all their lives, but remain patient and with time they may come to understand through your good example. Stay well always my dear:)And thanks for your kind words:)


  5. Marie, this was quite an interesting angle for a post on this subject. I have judged others and others have judged me, and it is just not a pretty thing to begin with. In helping others change their point of view, I have been thinking on this for years, Marie. Years. Finally, the Lord gave me some insight: if we point out the log in someone else's eyes before we remove the log in our own eye, we are hypocrites. We will never be able to fully remove that 'log' however, so it basically means, we have no right looking out to someone else for their faults and set them straight. That will hurt our relationship with God, and hurt the friendship with that person. The best thing I have learned with my walk in Christ is to teach others through my example of Christ, because others are observing our reactions Marie. And that's all they need – your true and honest reactions. Anybody can talk, but it will be your actions that will sink in. Pray and ask God for guidance in this quest, and if your heart is right, He will help :)As for your tense relationship with your parents, I feel for ya…that's never fun. I went through the same thing with my engagement – but my parents finally said, “we see how you love him, so we should love him too.” As I said, try to speak with your actions, not your words 🙂 it will help you more than you know, dear!Keep your chin up 🙂 have a beautiful day, Marie


  6. Thank you Zainab very much. It measns a lot to me. I am glad you like it. I was not sure when I started it a couple of weeks ago, but getting people enjoying it make me wish to continue.Take care


  7. Zarina, you're right. We have been through difficult times but I am keen to stay in touch with my family. My parents are very important to me and I wish going forward, with time and patience from both side, we will come back to a more normal relationship and enjoy being with each other. I will follow your advice and keep praying God. I have always found peace and insight by being close to God in the past. Look well after yourself my dear.


  8. Day Dreamin'Optimist,Thank you so much for these words that are going straight to my heart. I am short on words anyway now, will follow you advice and speak to my parents through my actions, as it is the only thing that make sens really.I've been judging others myself too. But recently I get to the point that this was not an helpful thing to do and that I was doing the same thing others were doing to me. A no-ending Vicious circle. Something had to change. We should Bless the Lord to give us the opportunity to may be able to help people to change the way they see things. This way these same people will be able to change the way other ones see things. And the world will be a better place. Stay well and read you soon.


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