Women Day – The Sweet and Kind

Today is International Woman’s Day

I would like to offer my prayers to all woman around the world, mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, friends. Some have done great things, some are doing small things every day in the silence of their own heart. All are contributing – You are contributing for a Better World.
                                                                          Be Blessed
I would also like to say Thank You to  Zarina and Zainab who offered me an Award. I love reading their blogs and without knowing them physically I considerate them as true friends whose words and guidance help me on my life and in my spiritual quest.
Visit their blogs when you have a chance, you’ll be delighted for sure:
To end, I would like to thank all the women I have in my life:
My dear friends in France, Ireland, Uganda, Switzerland, Morocco, South Africa, US who are standing by my side wathever path I choose, whatever dream I have.
My sister who is a ray of light in my life, always a joke in one hand 
My mum who has been giving me her time and love
My grand mothers who exchange words of wisdom
My two princesses who are growing up so quickly I don’t seem to notice it’s 5 years we are sharing a precious relationship together.
To all
May you keep Faith in Life and Love in your Heart

5 thoughts on “Women Day – The Sweet and Kind

  1. Thank you Zainab. I visited Marrakech and Ouarzazate and a couple of other small cities in the south. Moroccan people are truly welcoming and with a great sense of others. I was feeling like home. Have a lovely day!


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