A Wife’s Prayer

I know I already have a post done today, but I could not resist to share the below prayer with you.
Yesterday evening, as we were having a nice and peaceful evening, my husband mood changed from 1 minute to the other and instead of trying to figure out what had created this, I played the spoiled child. And it is this morning I realised, what a fool! God opened my eyes to something I knew already. When a worry cross his mind, it is hard for him to put it aside and he starts turning the problem again and again in his head. And I know he has things to worry about right now.
I aked God to forgive me, but wanted to offer a more powerful prayer and I came across this one:

A Wife’s Prayer

Dear Lord,
Help me to be the kind of wife you want me to be.
Help me not to take my role as wife lightly or take my husband’s love for granted.
Help me to be a good listener, giving my husband my full attention so that I will be well aware of his concerns, aspirations, and needs.
Help me to pay attention to the advice my husband gives me when he brings things to my attention that I may be doing wrong or that I could be doing better.
Help me to be more anxious to please my husband than to have my own way.
Help me to be aware of the things that I do that upset my dear husband – and enable me not to keep doing them – so that I will not be causing unnecessary problems in our relationship.
Help me to remember that I am commanded to submit to my husband’s role as head of the house even if he fails to faithfully submit to the headship of God.
Help me to treat my husband better than when we were first met and remind me of the importance of spending quality time alone with him and of doing things to remind him of how special he is to me.
Help me not to jump to conclusions about my husband’s motives and enable me to think the best of him at all times.
Help me to apologize and set things straight when I complain, falsely accuse, act selfishly, or say unkind or provoking words.
Help me to go out of my way to complement him and to encourage him.
Help me to be a proper example of what a loving, considerate, caring, and self-sacrificing wife should be.
Help me to realize that it is my job to be an example of a mature and godly wife and not an example of a disrespectful and selfish child.
Help me to be joyful in spite of my circumstances and help me to avoid whining and complaining when things do not go my way.
Help me to admit my faults, to apologize when I am wrong, and to be anxious to heal wounds that I may have caused in my relationship to my husband.
Help me to realize that is far better to get my husband to do things I want him to do because he loves me and not because I nag him.
Help me to never forget that You gave me my husband to be a helpmate and best friend and may I never think of him as an adversary or a hindrance.
Make me the kind of wife who my husband will never regret having married and even more than that, make me the kind of wife who is a joy for my husband to be around and who my husband will be proud to call his wife, a woman who honors him and who honors God.

18 thoughts on “A Wife’s Prayer

  1. Amen sista! This is an excellent prayer, and such a good reminder for us wives to keep a cool head when our husbands have a burden on their mind. We are their help-meets afterall :)Thank you for sharing this, Marie, and as always, your words have lightened up my day.


  2. @Asma – I love it so much I could not resist to share it with you all. Happy you liked it.@Rosewater – I am glad you like the prayer, sometimes it helps to recenter on what is important in our lives@Zainab – Happy you enjoy it too. And thanks for the link on your post – trully appreciate it, means a lot.All ladies, look after yourself and have a wonderful week-end.


  3. This is such a lovely prayer Marie. I love your attitude towards marriage and towards life in general. It's very open-minded and positive and not to mention unselfish. I wish you all the best in your marriage-May you always be blessed!


  4. @Shail, thank you very much for passing by and leaving a comment – Thought the prayer was great and helpful. All the best to you@Safiyah, glad you like it as well.@Syida, Happy you enjoyed the prayer. Will need time to apply every single line of the prayer but the world is full of wonderful wives so I am sure it is possible.@Simple, welcome to my blog and happy you enjoy reading it.Lovely sunday to you all.


  5. Hope your weekend is going well! :)This is a lovely prayer, and there's something very peaceful about it, accepting who we are right now and then what we'd like to be, and knowing that God will help us to achieve this, so we don't need to stress on being perfect.


  6. Thanks Zarina for your touching words. Discovered only recently the beauty of mariage, this scared me before.But now I really want to make the most of Life as it is a Great Gift from God and I am grateful for all I have. Praying God will bring you and your family lots of beauty and joy!


  7. Good insight Maryam, you're right we are trying our best and God is the one who knows and help us to be better. At the end of the day we are humans.Hope your week-end was good. Lovely afternoon dear.


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