Where Minarets of Mosques and Towers of Churches Embrace in Love

During his visit to The Pope Paul VI at the Vatican
08 April 1976
In the name of God the Merciful, the Compassionate.
In the name of the people of Egypt who have always known their way to the Almighty , since the beginning of history and who have remained throughout that time a singular example of tolerance, fraternity and co-existence of creeds and religions, I present to you the kindest greetings and express the deep esteem that we hold for you for the sincere” effort* you exert for peace, Liberty and justice.
I carry to you this greeting from the banks of the Nile where Christ, peace be upon him, immigrated as a child and where his family sought peace and security. There the minarets of mosques and the towers of churches embrace in love.
The challenges of today’s world which is full of conflicts and suffering make it necessary that mankind would hold firm to God’s teachings.
The instructions of Islam taught us that all believers in God are one nation and ordered us to liberate ourselves from hatred and bitterness. We hope that believers in every part of the world will become aware of the great responsibility laid upon them and the serious dangers which surround the march of the entire human race, so they may stand together as one man beside right, justice and goodness.
We cannot preserve our spiritual values and the instructions of the tolerant heavenly religions if we fail to realise what is right and remove injustice or if we fall short in helping the needy and the hungry.
These days we are witnessing a sad scene in the tragedy which the Palestinian people live; these peoples who believe in God and his prophets and who established a great civilisation on their land inspired by the light of Moses, Christ and Mohamed. Now tyrannical power threatens their security, violates their land, endangers their life, usurps their right and profanes their sanctities. Away with the unjust.
Your stands are firm against any violation of human dignity and in rejection of any attack on children, the old or women or any aggression on Jerusalem. Through the high spiritual value you represent and the great esteem in which you are held in the souls of millions of people, you work with your full capacity to establish peace in the area which was the cradle of the heavenly religions,  the land of the Prophets and the birth place of God’s Light on His earth. 
God calls us to the house of Peace and guides whom He wishes to the right path.

4 thoughts on “Where Minarets of Mosques and Towers of Churches Embrace in Love

  1. Marie, thank you for this post. It is one of the truly great speeches of the last century, in my humble opinion. It stands in sharp contrast to the world as we know it today. I am grateful that someone like you was able to find and publish it.


  2. Drachma, I am glad you like it. I found it after a while and only PDF copies of the Speech – quite unelievable as I too think it is one of the best speech somebody has done till now. A message of Peace that should cross the World.


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