Inner-Self Battle

We are what we think. I can tell it is true.
I asked for a battle to fight very young, knowing there was something more than my two feet on the ground but not knowing what, afraid of making any step further in case it is the wrong one. 
I had my battle. I hurt and have been hurt. I cried, tears of sorrow. I cried to understand why. Today I know. This was the battle I had longed for. This was the fruit of my thoughts for 20 years.
It doesn’t serve me anymore. I am leaving my weapons on the ground, turning to God for forgivness, kissing the ground for salvation.

The only battle that last is the one I have within me
My goal
To be a better person
To follow the road traced by the prophets, knowing I will fall again, knowing I can ask for help, learn to forgive and to accept others as they are.
I am not on Earth to change God’s creation. I am here to Love Him and Its creation and to live my Life with Joy and Compassion.
My Inner-Self Battle has started at a young age as I was not sure why I was so different, how I could feel the pain of others without living it, how I could cary it without owning it.
A battle between staying me and fitting in a material world that kills me.
A battle between my love for others and my freedom.
A battle between the silence of my heart and the turnoil of my mind.
A battle between serving others and protecting me.
A battle between My Truth and the Truth of others.
I believe in a Loving and Compassionnate God.
I believe Jesus is the Light sent by God to show us the way. Everytime I sin I kill him once again.
I believe the Virgin Mary is the sweetest woman the world has ever known and to her I turn for advice as I would do with my own mother.
I believe the Angel Gabriel sent the Qur’an to Mohammed and Islam is a Religion of Peace.
I believe Paradise belongs to all human beings – God is the only one to decide.
I believe Every Human Being, whatever he has done, has the right to be treated with respect.
I believe Every Human Being has the right to express his opinion.
I believe Every Human Being deserve our Love.
I believe in Peace and Freedom.

I do not believe you have to think the same way as I do.
This is me.
You are you.
What do you believe in?
That we agree or disagree, it does not matter
We have to listen to one another, to share
It is our chance to Evolve and maybe Change
To Discover and Understand better
What link us together

I Pray to
Give without asking anything in return.

I Pray to
Erase fear from my life and step into the Light
I Pray to
Have the Courage to realise my Dreams and to challenge my Ideas.
I Pray to
Keep my Faith alive.
I Pray for
Humanity to understand we are all One and What we do to others we do to ourselves and what we lack to do to others we lack to do for ourselves.

I Pray for
My Family and my Family-in-law to meet one day and rejoice together, celebrating Love.

I Pray For
You to remember the child you were and never forget this child deserves the Best.

I Pray for
You to be Yourself and With God to walk always.


9 thoughts on “Inner-Self Battle

  1. Your words are always so inspiring and so full of life, love, hope ❤ I'm so glad to have met you here. I wish you all the best for the future and your journey through this life. God bless you, dear.


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