Be a light unto the world

Today I would like to share a text with you. I wanted to do it for a while but never found the time to do so. 
Till today, as I have many more things to write, but really want to let this one out and the words to talk to you.
I am reading it as part of my “yoga – mediation” time in the morning, before my prayers and it is a great source of wisdom.

It comes from Conversations With GodNeale Donald Walsch. A good read if you know how to make the difference between what makes sense and serve you and what’s not. 

These lines talk for themselves. I don’t think I can add anything else, except the fact that I am trying to be a better person, and this helps me to do more, to go further, to do better. I meditate on the words and prepare my heart for prayer, for God, for Love, for Humanity.

“Be a light unto the world, and hurt it not. Seek to build, not to destroy.
By your shining example. Seek only Godliness. Speak only in truthfulness. Act only in Love.
Live the Law of Love now and forevermore. Give everything, require nothing.
Avoid the mundane.
Do not accept the unacceptable.
Teach all who seek to learn of God.
Make every moment of your Life an outpouring of Love.
Use every moment to think the highest thought, say the highest word, do the highest deed. In this glorify your Holy Self and thus too glorify God.
Bring peace to the Earth by bringing peace to all those whose lives you touch.
Be peace
Feel and express in every moment your Divine Connection with the All, and with every person, place and thing.

Embrace every circumstance, own every fault, share every joy, contemplate every mystery, walk in every man’s shoes, forgive every offence (including your own), heal every heart, honour every person’s truth, adore every person’s God, protect every person’s rights, preserve every person’s dignity, promote every person’s interests, provide every person’s needs, presume every person’s holiness, present every person’s greatest gifts, produce every person’s blessings and pronounce every person’s future secure in the assured love of God.
Be a living, breathing example of the Highest Truth that resides within you.
Speak humbly of yourself, lest someone mistake your Highest Truth for a boast. 
Speak softly, lest someone think you are merely calling for attention.
Speak gently, so all might know of Love.
Speak openly, lest anyone think you have something to hide.
Speak candidly, so you cannot be mistaken.
Speak often, so that your word may truly go forth. 
Speak respectfully, that no one be dishonoured.
Speak lovingly, that every syllable may heal. 
Speak of God with every utterance.
Make of your life a gift. And remember always, you are the gift!
Be a gift to everyone who enters your life, and to everyone whose life you enter……………”


4 thoughts on “Be a light unto the world

  1. I have to say I read that book about ten years ago and hated it! I believe I threw it in the bin because I thought it so against Christianity. I don't remember a word of it now! But what you have shared is very humble I believe, I think we can all learn something from that. What a difference a decade can make.


  2. Amie & Psycho, happy you enjoyed it.Bonnie, I understand,it is maybe because I am on a spiriual path search that I could read it without thinking it is against a view I may have. As I said, not all should be taken for true or real, but I really like these lines. Thanks fo stoppin by!


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