Our Girls will be Women

I was at a communion 2 weekds ago and was looking how the children were creating games from nothing, laughing out loud. I felt like I wanted to find again this innocence I loose bit by bit after stepping in adult age.
Later on, the family had organised a Karaoke. And I realised how innocent they really were, as they were singing “Bad Romance” from Lady Gaga, knowing all the lyrics by heart but surely not catching the meaning (fortunately). And I was thinking about the images these little girls are growing up with
And many more………………..
As adults we can decide if it’s good or bad for us, make the difference between a song and a singer, but children are so true and pure. For these little girls, being sexy and half naked is what they are growing up with.
And in Ireland, every Irish women (single or married) going out at night is wearing High heels, ultra mini-skirt and plonging neckline, without knowing how to behave in these clothes, wearing them because it’s what they grew up watching on the TV.
I have many friends who dress like this, but at least they assume their choice, they walk confidently and don’t do too much, behave normally without asking for more attention that they already have. They are themselves, not trying to follow the crowd. 
I definitely think we should let kids live their childhood fully. There is enough time to be adult, to see shocking images and people.
As every single mum  & dad in this country, they all ask “What will we do when the girls will grow up?“, “Will we have the courage to say no to nights out and scary dress-code?”, “Will we be able to protect our children from heavy drinking and bad encounters with boys?”
Here in Ireland, doctors are worried for the next generation of children. They think the heavy drinking & smoking weekly routine are damaging women bodies and that children will suffer diseases and mental illness. 
Nobody knows. Everybody is scared. While they try to find a way out of these unanswered questions, chidren continue to watch the last Hip Hop Song on TV, humming some words they don’t get, when in the background women in bikinis are dancing like they perform in a Strip-Tease club. (These places are open to a certain audience for a reason).
Today is Mother’s day in France. And so I think about my mum’s wise words. We disagreed and argued a lot. But she never gave up, she never let us follow the crowd. We knew what we could do and what we couldn’t. She gave us the codes. She fought for us to be who we are. She believed when we doubted. She trusted when we loose faith. 
She told us about our grand-mothers lives, about their hard battle for more freedom and more rights, without promoting independence or false equality, always teaching men and women are different and that what makes the world moving. 
The limits did not prevent us to make our own mistakes, to take dark roads. But she was always there to heal the wounds, always reminding us that we were to become women, that our body would one day give life, the most beautiful thing she had the chance to experience, that we should preserve ourselves for the one who will be able to go beyond our appearance, who will see more than we could or would share. 
She told us each age has to be fully enjoyed, surely because she did not had the chance to live this easy life. There is a time to be a kid, a time to be a young girl, a time to be a woman. Mix them all together, you don’t get anything, except misery and pain. And children should be kept away, every time it’s possible, from adulthood damages and dangers.
Our times of sorrow were hers. Our times of joy were hers too. 
She protected our childhood, and today when our arguments drive us apart, I can remember these sweet memories, I can remember I made colorful dreams for years and years, I can remember she is there with me from the beginning of time, that her words guide me in my life as a women, as a wife. As a mum one day………….
And I can only say:
For all women, all mothers around the world
For the ones not yet blessed with a child 
And for the ones who will never have one (May God help you to find happiness in a fulfilled marriage or single life in communion with others)
May God bless you for giving so much love
May God reward you for your efforts and sacrifices
that never end.

9 thoughts on “Our Girls will be Women

  1. Very beautiful post, Marie 🙂 I think it's not easy to keep your kids away from such images, especially if you live in the western world. But of course you can do your best. If I see how some mothers dress themselves, and dress their children,… it's not pretty.Your mother seems very wise, MashaAllah and may God bless her :)I wish you a good night and sweet dreams!


  2. Aww what a lovely end to this post.You are right though, I feel like the innocence is being taken away from young children. Some of the clothes out there for young girls (even as young as 4) shock me. We should let them be kids, plenty of time to grow up.


  3. Thank you for a powerful post! I agree with you whole heartedly.Today's children are not growing up the same way our parents did when they were young. It is sad to see what has become of the public – here in the US kids are the target for early marketing. The songs, the TV shows, even the hight of products displayed on shelves in stores are marketed exactly towards the children. Kids are subject to things (lyrics, clothes, advertisings) that they shouldn't be, and that is sad. Your post today (as always) is very powerful and wonderful to read – may other mothers use it wisely. And may God bless you and your mother, for you are a wonderful woman!


  4. This really breaks my heart. I see it everywhere and anywhere. There is a bus stop near my house where the high school kids get on and I watch the girls there with horror, they seem to feel the only way to get a guys approval is to swear loudly, dress in barely any clothes and act obnoxious, if only they knew…. I read a book a while ago called the “The Lolita effect' and the early sexualisation of girls. I pray for these girls. I pray for better role models, for Mothers who want to protect them and most of all they will find a sense of worth that doesn't come from showing half their bodies.


  5. I agree Safiyah it is not easy at all, but at least if we draw lines inside the home, it can be a bit better for them. Wishing you a lovely week and hope to read one of your post soon!


  6. Ummh, thanks very much. As a mum, I imagine you understand this issue. I can only do the comparison with my childhood, and when I see young girls today I feel sad, because nobody allow them to be kids. They are little women, trying to fit in an adult world, at a time they should be playing with dolls.


  7. Your words touched my heart Bibi, so sweet of you. I am amazed when I see Children TV programs and clothes shops. It looks like in certain cases parents don't have any power over the media. If we start to teach some things at home and mums gather together to share tips and how to manage children and the outside world, we might see evolution at some stage and kids able to live their childhood fully.Stay well always and have a lovely memory week-end!


  8. Bonnie I agree. I read an article about this as well and they said now girls were “sexually developed” at an early age, like 10/11 years old. And so that they were growing in a woman body with a child mind and that lots of issues would come up from how to deal with them?As young girls?As women?And that parents should definitely educate their children and help them in this transition phase. Sad you're right. Let's pray for mums to be models and helpers.Hope you had a lovely week-end. Stay well always Bonnie.


  9. This is just such a powerful post. Thank you for touching on exactly the reason and the problems that any mother today faces. I don't want my daughter to dress like that, at least not without it being an expression of who she is. How do you raise a little girl to become a strong enough woman to know who she is and what she wants and that every time she (he for that matter as well) does something, it sends a message to the world about who she is.I suppose one can only do the best and then trust that they are walking the path they are meant to. But it is a scary world out there.


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