Ask God and Free Yourself

This is something that strikes me cause when I ask and think about it all the time I hardly get an answer, but when I ask out of the blue I always get one. Or maybe I understand the answer differently. 
When I think about it all the time, I might miss the answer, lost in my thoughts.
As when I don’t think about it afterwards, I am ready to receive the answer. 

God works in mysterious ways always………..and that is what make things awesome and life an interesting experience.

So one day as I was walking under the sun outside, just after I came back from my week holiday, grateful of the many blessings God gave me in 1 day, my wedding day, I realised I wanted to spend more time doing things that matter to me instead of wasting my time in front of the TV, switching between the channels, doing nothing really. 
And so when I came back home that day my husband told me his friend would pop up later to take the TV receiver. I thought “God is Great”, he knows my weaknesses and this is definitely the best thing that could happen to me. 

My husband started work again and I was on my own, determined to make the most of the next 2 weeks. And after 1 week the results are fantastic!
It feels like I am on week-end all the time, as I am spending my evening hours catching up with friends, making my photos albums, doing my correspondence, cleaning our home, reading and praying more. 
I feel more relaxed and definitely in a better mood. 

When my husband will come back for sure he will arrange to get a new receiver. As he is working on a boat he needs a bit of free time in front of the TV, at least to catch up on what happens in Egypt. 
But now that I know the benefits of “no TV” I will be more keen to avoid it as much as possible and to help him to follow me. 

And with the Ramadan coming for him, it will surely be the last thing we will be keen to do for the next coming month.
PS: Talking about the Blessed Month of Ramadan, I have a surprise – Another Guest Post. I would love to have 3 or 4 to share with you but we will see…… for now I have already received one, and a precious one, that I will share with you later this week.  
Anybody interested to write something, give me a shout, I’ll be pleased!

So remember
 Ask God and Free Yourself 
If your ears are closed, you won’t be able to hear
If your eyes are closed, you won’t be able to see 
If your hands are closed, you won’t be able to receive
If you heart is locked, you won’t be able to feel


8 thoughts on “Ask God and Free Yourself

  1. Hi Strawberry Princess, thank you very much. My friend already did a post before for me on the Veil. It is important to share our thoughts and for us to understand our differences are a blessing.Hope you are well. Take care.


  2. Hello Marie,Indeed getting rid of your receiver was the best thing you could do.DH and I are planning to have a home without tv.A computer is enough for everything nowadays anyway.I think a tv free home is a more peaceful and cosy home.You get to do really useful and good things, and children also learn how to keep themselves busy in a other way.Oh your husband works on a boat.I guess this means he's often absent for quite long periods of time.How do you cope with it?Isn't it too hard?Also maybe I missed something but I'm lazy to search on your blog, lol, but I was wondering if you work or you stay at home?Lot of love.


  3. I love this post! I too spend too much time in front of the computer and find the hours just passing by without having accomplished anything. A few weeks ago our internet was down and I went a few days without internet (we dont have a tv, instead we watch everything online). I was more productive than I had been in a long time. I read, studied arabic and spanish, had time to clean thoroughly (instead of just surface cleaning), cook food from scratch and so on. Now that my daughter is getting older (11 1/2 months I usually get 2 to 3 hours of free time a day). Those hours are precious and instead of wasting them stumbling or searching the net, I would like to use it to better myself. After reading this post I have decided to use the computer no more than 30 minutes a day (writing emails, blogs etc) and inshaAllah I will be able to accomplish more of the goals I have set for myself!


  4. Great to hear this Rene! I am so glad this post gave you the opportunity to make some changes in your lifestyle. Never easy but it's possible. Wish you the best on this!let me know how you are getting on…..And Happy Ramadan to you and your family! Many blessings to all for this Holy Month!


  5. Um Zakarya, yes TV is not essential to life and you're right children are better finding games and play their own way. Some movies for children are good but now we all have access to Internet so it's not a problem.My husband is a fisherman so he can go on the sea for 10, 15 days. More before but now that we are married he tries to go on shorter trips. I am used to it so it's a bit hard when he goes but afterwards I concentrate on other things waiting patiently for his return. Luckily enough I am working………just make me realised God gave me the chance to be able to stay full time in my job, even after saying no to a new position in the same company – I don't fancy my job to much but I am busy when my husband is away and it's precious.


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