Guest Blog Post – Zarina on Ramadan

In 3 days now, the Ramadan will start, a blessed month Muslims expect with joy for weeks now.

This will be our first Ramadan as a married couple and I know it means a lot to my dear husband. So this year I have decided to use this time to learn more about Islam, to pray more and to concentrate on important things such as helping others, practising forgiveness and kindness, being more generous, avoid judgement and bad talking.

Stop talking about myself. Today I have the pleasure to offer you a precious testimony from my dear friend Zarina who accepted for the second time this year to write for my blog. You can find her first blog post here.

These lines are beautiful – I was deeply touched when I read them. I hope you will feel the same enthusiasm as me and open your eyes to a true religion of Peace. 
We need more people like her to show the world what Islam truly means. Thank you Zarina from the bottom of my heart.

In the meantime 
To all, have a blessed Ramadan.


“What Ramadaan means to me……….

Before I begin I’d like to thank Marie once again for asking me to write this post. I truly admire her willingness and openness to learn more about different types of people. I have to admit that although I really liked the idea of doing this post when approached by Marie, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to write, thus my procrastination in doing this. Well anyway, I’ve decided to write from heart so here goes.

For me Ramadaan is a month that stands high above all others. This is a special month for many reasons; there’s a constant feeling of peace and you can see that the people around you are trying to be better; the break from eating and drinking during the day means that this month takes on a completely different routine and its welcome because it forces you to break away from the mundane routine of everyday life. People are concerned about going for prayers on time; there’s constant sharing because people understand the blessings that lie in feeding a fasting person. People give more charity in this month than any other month of the year. The feeling of Muslim unity; brotherhood and sisterhood in Islam clearly manifests itself during this Blessed month. Besides all this though, I love the month of Ramadaan because it is a reminder; a very vivid reminder of our purpose on this earth. This month reminds us that we are indeed spiritual in nature, more than physical we are spiritual beings, and our ultimate objective in this world is to worship the One True Creator, and this is the thing that stands out above all in the month of Ramadaan.

You see Ramadaan is not only about abstaining from eating, drinking and sexual relations during the daytime.  Fasting is about so much more. The other day I was listening to a lecture where the Sheikh was talking about the purpose of fasting and he reminded us that Fasting has been prescribed so that people can reach a state of Taqwa (which in a very basic way can be explained as a state of God Consciousness where one fears God alone and is concerned with following God’s commands). The other interesting thing that he reminded us about was that fasting was prescribed for people before the Muslims. The Noble Quraan tells us this, that fasting was also prescribed for people in earlier times. The Prophets of all nations before Islam also fasted. The perfect fast is what brings about taqwa. But what is “The Perfect Fast”? It definitely has more to do with abstaining from food, drink and sexual relations.

The perfect fast is about being the best human being that you can be. It includes good treatment of others, staying away from backbiting, arguing and vulgarity. It’s about abstaining from looking at immoral things, going towards immoral th
ings and even listening to immoral things. The perfect fast is about understanding the situation that the poor and needy are in; sharing in their hunger is the thing that makes people more charitable. Abstaining from base desires for a prescribed period teaches one self-control and obedience. These are some of the reasons why people are so much calmer, peaceful, respectful and charitable during the month of Ramadaan.  And through all this, we are reminded that we should be striving to better ourselves for the sake of our Lord, because our sole purpose in life is to worship the One True Creator, who has made us and given us everything!
This is what makes the month of Ramadaan so special, it brings us back towards our Creator, it reminds us of our true purpose and when we understand our true purpose, our souls are at ease, and our minds are at rest and every problem or difficulty we may be facing seems insignificant, because when we are in a constant state of worship (as we should be in Ramadaan) then everything else in life seems trivial and the world makes perfect sense. And worship in Islam doesn’t mean that we have to pray all the time, even treating others kindly or appreciating nature is considered as forms of worship.

I know my post is already way too long, but there’s another important thing that just came to my mind. Ramadaan is known as the month of the Quraan. This is because the very first revelation of the Quraan came down in the month of Ramadaan. In this month Muslims recite as much of the Quraan as possible. Every free moment you’ll find people hastening to recite the Quraan. Many people read the entire Quraan completely, more than one time. Reciting the Quraan continuously puts one in a state of extreme joy. It’s like light fills the heart and you just yearn for more and more because the feeling is that good! This is another beautiful thing about this Blessed month of Ramadaan.

So in a nutshell, the month of Ramadaan for me, means peace, happiness, light, joy, no concern with any worldly problems; but above all, it means that I am more aware of my true purpose than at any other time and I love this. I can’t imagine a year without Ramadaan and I thank Allah Almighty for giving us this special month, indeed this is a true favour on humankind.

I hope that these words can help people feel the beauty that I feel every year in the beautiful month of Ramadaan.” 


11 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post – Zarina on Ramadan

  1. Dearest Zarina, thank you for this beautiful reminder. It was just last week that I reminded someone that Ramadan is more than just a 'celebration' for Muslims. I too cannot imagine a year without it.Thanks for sharing this Marie.


  2. Ma'ashAllah this is a lovely post 🙂 I feel it explains Ramadan in it's bost beautiful and purest form and inshAllah both Muslims and non Muslims will learn something from it.


  3. MarieAs always thank you for your kind words, and I admire your openness to learn and understand things. I am honoured to be able to share with you my experience of the most beautiful religion of Islam, All Praise is due to Allah for giving me this opportunity, and Marie, may your humble efforts be rewarded. Experiencing Ramadhaan with your husband will probably be an interesting experience and I wish you both all the best for this Blessed month.Stay well always and let us know what your own thoughts of Ramadhaan is after experiencing it with your husband.


  4. MashaAllah beautiful and faithful sharing thanks marie for such a faithful sharing about holy month of Ramadan Ul Mubarak may All shower his blessing both of you and all dear sisters 🙂


  5. a well written post and she is really good… I am not Muslim and I don't have a religion but I do believe in someone who is higher above all creation.I don't have anything against religion either. I have friends with so many different religion, my best friend who is an Egyptian is a Muslim, and I know something about Ramadan but I don't know a lot just a bit about it.this is my very first time to read something about it in details and in the eyes of a woman, I understand and learn more about it now than I do before.a well written post…


  6. Aisha, you are very welcome. It was a lovely way to me to know more about Ramadan and I am sure this testimony can help many people to understand better this blessed month. Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family!Foz, I agree Zarina really did a great job with these lines. Ramadan Mubarak to you and your loved ones!


  7. Bonnie, yes, as a non-Muslim I, for the first time, felt what this month really means. Ramadan Mubarak to you, your daughter and your little boy nearly ready to show up his face!Asma, well said. It is what I felt reading these lines. Happy Ramadan to you and your family!


  8. Salma, glad you liked the post. To be true it's a really precious one I will keep all my life. It shows me Ramadan under a different light, a wonderful one! Take care.Strawberry Princes, happy you learned something. I never saw Ramadan like this before reading Zarina lines. It'a like a step in another world for me. Stay well.


  9. Zarina, Thank you. It was a pleasure for me to share these precious words. Reading them it was like entering a new world for me, I never saw Ramadan this way before. You opened my eyes and my heart to this blessed month. Have a lovely Ramadan too. And I will make sure to share my thoughts with you all at the end of it. Take care.


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