Guest Blog Post – Salma // Ramadan: To Embody Humility

Today you and I are blessed with another precious and beautifully written 
post about Ramadan.
Thanks to the amazing Salma @ ………..Chasing Rainbow for her contribution.
When you get a chance drop by her blog to say hello
But be careful 
You’ll fall in love with it 
A blog full of useful links and resources for all the family
and a cute little boy you wish you could hug!

You’ll think about your life differently after reading these lines

Thanks Salma from the bottom of my heart
You opened my eyes and show me
My Life is a Blessing
Now place to Salma Ramadan: To Embody Humility

Bismillah…Dearest Marie, I am honoured to write a post about Ramadan, and to share it with your lovely readers. I was racking my brain, trying to come up with something unique. However, I soon found that a recent experience that we (my family and I) went through will better express my delight in welcoming Ramadan.

When we first moved to our new home a few weeks ago, we waited for 8 days until our furniture and belongings arrived.

We had small blankets, but the nights were colder than Toronto nights, thus we were very cold in the nights.

We had no bed, so we slept on the floor.

We had no pots and pans, so we bought very little food…our fridge was empty.

We had a few suitcases with “practical” clothing. I had 2 abayas, and some basic necessities, however, Rainbow’s needs came first- my bags were filled with diapers, and other baby needs.

We moved to an area where there were no halal restaurants…finding food was an adventure.

We complained about the circumstances some days. We laughed about it on other days; but mostly we were humbled by it.
One day as we ate, Iman remarked that she “cannot imagine what it’s like to sleep on the street…to not have food, and to not have clean clothes to wear.”

She admitted that the few days that we had to live without basic (luxuries), she was miserable. Amira, hubby and I agreed.

A discussion followed, and we all admitted to being selfish and self-absorbed at times.

Humility is one of the greatest gifts that Allah has given usOur true character comes out when we are tested. It is in these moments that we can show our true submission to Allah. I look to the Prophet as a model of whom I want to be. Our holy Prophet (peace be upon him) embodied humility in his everyday life.

In the moments when I complained about Rainbow not being comfortable, sleeping on the floor, I didn’t think about orphans in the street, alone and afraid.

When I complained about not having pots to cook in, I neglected to think about people eating out of garbage cans.

In the moments when I complained that the bank machine was too far (to walk), I didn’t thank Allah that I had money in the bank, at my disposal.

When I complained about the tub looking dirty, I did not consider those who had no clean water to drink.

When I complained about having to travel to find halal restaurants, and grocers, I did not consider refugees travelling across deserts and dangerous waters to find security.

In the moments that I complained about not packing my shampoo and favorite cocoa butter lotion, I failed to think about mothers choosing between food and rent for their families.

When I complained about how the floor was hard, and that “I  could not sleep on it one more night…” ; subhanAllah, I did not appreciate that if it was good enough for the Holy Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace), it was good enough for me.
In fact, I found that it was beneficial as I always woke for Fajr prayer.   

Our actions and everyday activities are always filled with the possibility to always embody humility. When we eat, speak, sleep, clean, pray, walk or call unto Allah, it is easy to neglect the true submission that Allah desires from us.
It is easy to go through the motions, and nit-pick at the small things, yet is difficult to be thankful for the small trifles of life.

This Ramadan, my family agreed (except for Rainbow, lol), that we would give back as much as we can inshaAllah. I am thankful that we were able to recognize the many ways that we are blessed…8 days was all it took, alhamdulelah.

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace of Allah be upon Him) Said:

“The best of alms is that which the right hand gives, and the left hand knows not of.”

Ramadan is not just about fasting. It is about examining oneself, and making necessary changes to better ourselves, families, communities and  all of humanity.
I always try to remember the quote below…

“And the slaves of God are those who walk on the earth in humility and calmness, and when the foolish address them (with bad words) they reply back with mild words of gentleness.” (Quran 25:63)
I am not waiting for the world to change, I am going to be that change, and I am teaching my children to be the change as well. What about you?

Ramadan Kareem to all.

6 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post – Salma // Ramadan: To Embody Humility

  1. SALAM, I am visiting u courtesy of Salma:) MashALLAH, that is something to think about. I often feel like I have had more than my share of hardships this year…. I try to think of how I have come through, and well Salma, you know things could of turned quite bad 4 me. ALHOMDOLELAH, I have been blessed with a husband who loves me, family who care for me,and a place of safety. We may not live to the standard we had in Libya, but we know we will have money every week, Alhomdolelah. My Family can't say that:(


  2. Masha'Allah, this post is such a beautiful one. Salma has not only captured the essence of Ramadhaan but of life in general. I love the final Quraan quote that she mentioned, its so appropriate and the world would be a better place if we all practised on this. We learn the best of lessons through our struggles. Salma- I love your attitude, We should all try and follow the philosophy of “being the change” instead of waiting for change to happen, we have no idea what a difference even the smallest of actions can make.Marie- Thanks for posting this!


  3. Dear Khedegah, thank you for stopping by and commenting on this wonderful post. I understand your family is still in Lybia, I keep them in my prayers as I know the situation over there is pretty bad and I wonder how people can keep their faith alive. As it's been said,” after hardship there is ease” and I pray God will give you Joy and will bless you and your family with happier moments to come. Take care.


  4. Zarina, I agree it's a great post at so many different levels. I am glad you two decided to offer your view on Ramadan – 2 different accounts but 2 fabulous perspectives. Hope all is well for you. Stay well.


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