In The Midst of Joy Don’t Forget Others

When we experience Joy and Happiness it is sometime easy to forget the difficulties of the past, and the same way, the difficulties others are experiencing. When Joy shows its smiley face it is easy to dwell in, without thinking all might not live it at the same time or might be striving to find this happy place again.

We all know we will be there to help friends grieve or overcome huge issues. But the little heartbreaks, the every day struggle, the bumpy road are times when a shoulder to cry on is needed to. They are as important as the main battles. 

The Ramadan has been a way for me to understand this. The joy is our life has to be shared. The helpers we are inside have to go out and share. 
If we keep everything tight, for us only, where is the point? 
If we close our doors to the ones who cries in despair and sit down comfortably in our happy life, what are we hoping to get?

Nobody can steal you what you don’t have. When you see happiness as happiness only and pain as pain only, you are missing the Power of Life. 
When you see Joy and Hardship as blessings (one revealed, one hidden), you feel the Power of God’s Love. And you know what it means for your life.

Let’s pray God to give us the kindness of heart to be there always for others, our friends and all the strangers who might need a small gift, a smile or a place to shed their tears, whatever we are going through, and never forget the love that unite us. 

Stay Blessed.

11 thoughts on “In The Midst of Joy Don’t Forget Others

  1. so true…. Thanks for this lovely reminder..Once a scholar said ” be happy when you get what you want, but be even more happy when you dont get what you want, because then you'll get what God wants” 🙂


  2. Well said, Marie.God commands us to be there for each other, and sometimes that is only to lend a listening ear. The trick is to see the opportunity to express His love and TAKE it.Many Blessings,Felecia


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