Birthday Celebration Time!

I love Birthdays – ask me why? 

How can you not celebrate the day you are born!!!!!
Each birth is a gift from God, I think we all agree on this
So by Celebrating it, you give thanks to God and Celebrate God

It’s quite easy to understand, isn’t it!

So every time I meet new people
The first thing I try to ask, without looking too crazy is:

Guess What?

Their Birthday Dates!!!!

You’re right.

And today, while I was going on with my morning routine 
I was thinking, looking at the sunrise and an amazingly colourful sky,
Is today a Special Day for somebody I know???

And Guess What?

It is – Today is my dear friend Bonnie‘s Birthday
I only discovered it when opening my Google Dashboard

How Amazing Life is!

I started Blogging as a hobby, to share my thoughts and ideas about Life
Not sure where this would lead me
I have met many people I would maybe never have met otherwise
I have developed Fantastic Friendships with women I have learnt to know
by mails and comments 
Continents and cultures may separate us 
But we are all united 
All one

Bonnie is one of them
An Amazing woman
A Strength and Faith in God and Life I can only contemplate with Amazement
A mother and A true friend
And despite the trials she had to endure
The challenges she had to face mostly on her own
She is a wonderful example of gratitude, hope and happiness

Today I wish her
The Most Beautiful Birthday
And send her my love and my best wishes
For a year full of Many Blessings

Today, do me a favour
Stop by her blog
And show her some love
Get to know her better

She deserves The Best!

PS: All, send me your Birthday Dates!!!!!

6 thoughts on “Birthday Celebration Time!

  1. Birthdays are so special…!!!I am glad that you showed you love to your friend by writing a complete post on her birthday…Its really very sweet of you :)She is lucky to have you as a friend (and so am i) :)By the way.. I dropped my wishes at her blog 🙂 🙂


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