When a World does not know how not to make the same mistakes again and again, this World is lost.

I am outraged and revolted to see the world looking at Syria in the eyes, watching people slaughtered by a government who obviously don’t know anything about Human Rights and doing nothing.

The other day I was watching a  movie that despite the horror of the subject would be one of the best I know, one I would recommend everybody to watch, for the memory of the victims, the memory of men & women who gave their lives to save others, and to remember we could all be responsible of the same horrors if we would have been born is a different society or place – Shooting Dogs is a powerful Movie about the Genocide of Rwanda.

We – I talk about us, countries of the West, countries where politics abuse us every day but where our lifestyle is far better than many people around the world – Societies where maybe Human Rights are not respected but are defended, where money is there but nobody knows how to manage it – Societies who have the power to send military people on threatened lands to protect the population in dangers – We stayed there, watching thousands of people dying, butchered, and we did nothing.

  • In Rwanda in 1994, the Genocide made 800 000 Victims.

  • During the Second World War, 5 millions Jews have been exterminated – 15 000 of Homosexuals, 200 000 of Disabled  and more than 6 millions of people from various religious and cultural backgrounds.

  • In Srebrenica in July 1995 more than 8 000 Muslim Boys and Men were killed.

Not to talk about Iraq, Afghanistan, the never ending war between Israel & Palestine, the climate of terror people are living in in South America, Africa and Asia Pacific facing rape, gangs and manslaughter, the Arab Spring and many more ATROCITIES perpetrated every single day by terrorists and tyrants. 

Today Syria counts already 3 000 dead, maybe more, and we are still looking at blood and torture, hands in our pockets, afraid of doing anything that might compromise the future of our countries.

Tomorrow Syria will be another name on the list of Massacres in the Century and we will forget the faces of the ones who had a dream and gave their lives for peace and respect, till the next time. 

And I continue to pray the World will wake up and face its challenges with courage and love.


7 thoughts on “When a World does not know how not to make the same mistakes again and again, this World is lost.

  1. A child was run over twice in China and bystanders did nothing to help. The little girl was brain-dead by the time she finally reached the hospital. It goes deeper than that, but people are simply afraid to get involved.There's a t.v. series in America called “What would you do”. If you take a look, you can see there is a glimmer of hope.


  2. My darling Marie, I could feel the passion through your words in this post. It was powerful yet it made me feel helpless…Yes, there is so much pain out there. Slaughter by the hundreds, thousands, millions – and there is just me. Nonetheless, your passion is inspiring.


  3. your so right sis..same here in our country..fights between rebels and the government has no end and civilians lives are sacrificed..the whole world is in chaos now..I'm also bothered where our world will be..we have to pray!


  4. Justina, Very sad story but yes you are right people are afraid of doing something. Maybe if sometime we knew a small act or a small thing to do could change somebody's life we would not hesitate. Take care.Anonymous, you are very welcome. This is one among many massacres but a way or another it's one that affects me deeply. Take care and hope to see you around soon.Sie, I think you have it right, we need to keep on praying and trying our best at our level. A small act can make a big change as I always say. xxAmie, thanks for your nice words. If I only have my passion I feel it's already a good thing, a positive point, one that makes me want to keep dreaming the world can be different. Stay well always. xx


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