Respect starts with little things………..

Respect is an important word and idea, but it starts with little things really. If respect is not applied at home, in your workplace or with people you meet everyday, how can we expect respect to be for larger issues and at a world level.

It popped up into my mind yesterday evening on my way back home.

These are just examples. But I am sure you will see behind the lines and be able to take it every day with you. It’s good to think about ourselves but we don’t live on a desert island with nothing, nobody, no life around. We live with people and things, with nature and animals. 

  • I have a course on Tuesday night and usually takes the bus home late, around 10pm. At this stage I am pretty tired and looking forward being home. My head is full of information, not talking about the 8 hours work I have behind me too. On the bus they were some people chatting and listening to the radio. The sound was very loud and the music was something between R’nB and Dance. Definitely not something I was enjoying.
You want to listen to music, that’s ok, at least think about others lives and musical tastes, and drop the volume. It’s very simple.
  • Near home, they are doing some buildings on the road. People work at night in order not to disturb our daily routine, so that everybody can go to work without too much delay the following day. They might have children and wives at home, friends they would like to see or just enjoy a good movie in front of the TV. Instead they work to make our lives a bit better.
You are going home at 11pm and there are delays. Stop honking because the queue does not move. It is not going to move faster – the lights are red! Please think one second some people are sleeping at 11. So remain patient, in this case it’s the only thing you can do.

  • There are bins everywhere in Dublin City Center. Some men woke up at 5am to clean the streets as you still enjoy some sleep and get ready to go to work, so when you do your shopping you are not disturbed.
Their Job is to empty the bins and take the garbage away. It is not to pick up what you have left behind by laziness or worse carelessly. It takes 5 seconds to walk to the next bin. It helps keep your city clean and make the work of these men less exhausting. 
  • At work, we are 8 people. We have a small kitchen and always plates and cups not washed, waiting there. We have a fridge in which you would not like to put anything. We have post coming every single day. And it looks like we are waiting for somebody to do it. We also have a cleaning lady.
Wash your cup takes 2 minutes. 
Wash the toilets when they are dirty takes 2 minutes and seems the normal thing to do. 
Open the post when your colleague is out of the office will help him/her not having 50 letters to open when he/she will be back. 
Empty the bin before things drop out doesn’t kill. 

Same, as above, the cleaning lady is helping you to maintain the place clean, she is not there to clean up your mess. If you don’t wash your stuff at home, fine, at work you are sharing the space, you have to make a little effort. 

At the end it’s small actions that make the difference:

Respect your husband busy day by preparing the diner.
Respect your wife’s day with the children by taking them out for a little while or proposing to give them the bath.
Give your seat in the bus to a person in need.
Smile to a beggar in the street (Even if his lifestyle does not match your ideas, he deserves respect too).
Remain patient in the queue (the lady at the counter does her best).
Try as best as possible to keep your voice low and your anger inside (nobody deserves you to shout at them because your day is not going the way you want it).
Wash your colleagues plates and cups when you get a chance & don’t walk on the wet floor after the cleaning lady just did it!
Wait to be at home to kiss your partner with all the passion and love you have for him/her. If you can’t limit yourself to a quick kiss or hug (Think other people don’t need to watch this and that children are out too, exposed to enough already)

You see where I am going. Let’s start respecting others in our daily life and then we will be able to talk about respect in politics, ideas, religions, and wider issues. 
Have a great day!!


2 thoughts on “Respect starts with little things………..

  1. Oh Marie I love this post! Sooooooo true. I think like this too. It is surely the simple things that make big differences. Consideration goes a long way. A neighbour of ours goes to work around 5:30 each morning. She is picked up by someone who thinks it is okay to play the music in their car full blast before the sun has even risen! Why she hasn't the driver to turn it it down I don't know.I love your advice and ideas you gave at the end. God bless you!


  2. Thanks so much Sanaa for sharing your story. Yes it starts with little things, but it is what makes the world a better place. We have to take into consideration the people who live with or around us. Hope you and your loved ones are well dear. xx


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