What a Word can create…..

I had planned something lighter for today but I am used to write with the first feeling and my feeling today is please stop spreading words that kill.
I explain myself. I read an article on a blog last week and I was quite shocked by the words the author used. Maybe the intention was correct but the impact it had on me was “how can we treat people whose ideas or beliefs differ from us this way“. 
We all have our ideas and we all have the freedom to express them. We agree or we don’t. That the way it is. But we should always remember words have impact, words spread love but also hate, words can turn somebody’s world upside down, words have power. And if we look at the world major conflicts we can see it.

We are all born in different parts of the world but we all one, all  created by the same hand, the hand of God, whatever name you have been raised to call him. It is not because some say Yahweh or Allah or God that this makes a difference.

Do you know what one word can change, what one word can create? We see enough hate around the world, crimes and wars in a name of a God who only ask us to love him. 
It is very easy to put hate in someone’s mind. Many do it very well. 

What do you think happen when all your life you heard X had taken your land, your life, X is a liar, Y is a bad person and deserves this or that………………….when somebody will tell you “now it’s time to clean the place”, you will go in the streets and you will kill your neighbor, you might even kill people from your own family if their point of view differs from yours, because you think it’s good and you won’t have any regrets. You will feel like a hero even with blood on your hands. 

This is what a word can create

Right and wrong, good and bad are merely concepts. We all agree some acts are immoral, dangerous and disrespectful. But from place to another, from one situation to another, these concepts will have a different meaning.

Stop trying to show you are better than others. Nobody is better. Everybody tries. 
The most amazing people have walked the earth, with humility. They have not walked at the top of the mountain to say “I am the best, follow me”. They have walked the earth spreading love, showing others the way.

On a religious point of view, as the article on the blog was about this, in less than 6 weeks it is Christmas. For some of people, Christmas is not a celebration, and that’s fine. 

But please respect others confessions. Please stop saying that because we don’t practice your religion we are “enemies of God”. I don’t feel because my heart is in balance between two religions I am an enemy to God. I don’t think God sent this message on earth or ask us to judge the way others practice.
Maybe some have forgotten they were born in a part of the world when you bent down in Mosques to give thanks. Others kneel in churches and celebrate the birth of Jesus. That doesn’t make any of them bad people, they just have been raised this way. There are many paths that take us to God.

Please respect their beliefs and traditions. As they would respect your beliefs and traditions. I will always remember something Jesus (PBUH) said:”Love your neighbor as yourself”. He did not say: “Love your neighbor only if he is christian and white or only if he goes to church or help others”. 

Please remember some are doing an amazing and beautiful job talking about religion in peace, some are writing, doing their best, praying for spreading love. 
We remember seeing Christians families hiding and saving Jews children during the Second World War, Muslim families rescuing Christians ones during the Genocide in Rwanda, Jews and Muslims playing together, the 3 religions praying at the same place at the sane time in Jerusalem not so long ago. 

All of them are models to follow. Stop ruining their work. They don’t deserve it. 

I think I will always remember the Imam who married us saying to my husband “Christmas is a special time for your wife, go with her in Church”. And to me “the end of Ramadan is a special time for your husband go with him to the Mosque”. He did not say ” you should not marry her, she is an enemy of God”. 
He told us he did a speech in a Church on Christmas last year. He told us all the members of the different confessions would meet often to talk about the aspects of religion in people’s life and how to help people understand and accept the diversity. 
He really helped me see things differently.

An advice, walk your path the best way you can, look at you in the mirror and start loving who you are, it will help you to love others and stop spreading words that have a terrible impact in today’s world, it is not what the world needs. Mind your tongue and ask God for guidance.
Answer disrespect by respect or hate in the world will never disappear. 

You don’t have to agree with me, I don’t have to agree with you but let’s respect each others choices and ideas. As long as these choices and ideas don’t corrupt the world, we are safe.

Let’s remember we are human beings.
Let’s remember God loves us.
Let’s remember LOVE is all there is for a world to find its way back to God. 


14 thoughts on “What a Word can create…..

  1. Love this, and on this, I agree with you fully. People would go very far if they would just realise that what another person holds to be true, is nothing that they should be shunned for. Tolerance and acceptance are gifts that we need to embrace if we are planning on surviving.


  2. I agree with what you said, we are created by one hand,even if we were born in different places and raised in different cultures, but we all know what words are best to say and not to say. Some people really don't mind how and what impact is their words to other,. Thanks a lot for this awakening and interesting post you have.Have a blessed day/night:)


  3. I agree with everything you have written Marie..now I am thinking which site are you referring too..We are all entitled to our own opinions in life..we may vary at some points and disagree on somethings but yes all of us our human beings..we deserve every respect in this world we are in..There will always be a point of arguments along the way but not to the point of hurting or worst degrading someone ;(huh..this was such a powerful post Marie..I was just reading it with my eyes wide open.


  4. Very thoughtful post Marie! You are right…We each have the right to go about our lives the way we choose, and should not make judgement on anyone else if their choices are different to our own…Live and let live, I say! ♥words are so very powerful…Thankyou for using yours to spread a message of respect and peace :o)


  5. Hey Marie<3I love your post! What I think, this idea about respecting each other really needs to pass around in this world. Most of us humans have so much hate towards each other which is totally wrong, this is why there are so many conflicts between each other. Just like God created so many races and cultures, we must use respect and kind words towards them, just like our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did. He was a very kind man and such an example for all of us, he had so much love to spread. He used to respect Jews and Christians, its only that they didn't respect Islam. So, they had such hate. God guides whom he wills to the straight path. The path is clear only if we want to see it. True, everyone chose their paths but that doesn't make us hate each other, because that's such shallow minded thinking. One thing: spreading love to others is the way to pull people to you, showing them your kindness, every word can cause either such love or such an explosion of hate. Praise God. We have to use our gifts.Your post made me think. People are becoming so hostile to Islam, and when they see a bad muslim they just judge all of us, which is so wrong, because there is such bad muslims and good muslims. The Media made our presentation really low. I have heard so many reverts stories, they were shocked when they saw the kindness of Muslims, such bonded families, full of love that made them revert. Anyway, I respect everyone's cultures and religions, even though I don't agree with such religions, because I believe mine is the truth, I sensed the light in it. I still spread my love to kind people like you =) hehe. Hatred is a poison for the heart, and the only way to clear it is to love!LOVELY MESSAGE! I wrote an essay hahahaTake care <3I love you!xxx


  6. This is really heavy, Marie! Thank you for pointing this out and I hope that I am always careful of what I say when I write, especially concerning religion. I really appreciate the Imam who married you. That would be exactly what our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) would have said under the circumstances.I believe in tolerance and respect for other religions. It is in Islamic teaching too but sometimes due to our emotions we forget it. Take care and have a great day!Asni


  7. Thanks Mike.Nadya, well said. We all want to think we are holding the truth……..but what is the truth really? Take care.Thanks Sagittarian. We never know whether our words can hurt somebody. We should always be careful in what we say and remember to moderate our views. Thanks for your visit. Sie, don't worry it's not your website!!! You're right we have to remember to express our ideas a way that does not offend others. We can disagree and be respectful. It is not always easy, but it has to remain a priority. XXXXXXXThanks Chantell, “Live and let live”, I love this, very true . It's only by accepting our differences are a chance that we can truly live with each other. Take care.Foz, thanks very much. xxAsni, Thank you. I think there are many people in this world spreading messages of love and respecting others beliefs. I remind these words to myself too because sometime your talk on first impulse without realizing the impact of your speech. I think disrespect should not be tolerated but the words to express it should send love. Difficult balance.Dana, Thank you. All religions should work together to erase violence in the world. I think there is much hate and disrespect between each of them and this mess up the work of religious communities and individuals who try to spread a message of love. If we have a look at ways Muslim are treating in the west or Christians in Muslim countries, not talking about the way Jews and Muslims are living in fear in Israel and Palestine, Terrorists trying to push people to hate each other. I don't think one religion is better than another one. But I understand Muslims think their one is the true One. This should not make them reject others beliefs. As somebody said before, don't always try to understand others, just accept they are different. Take care


  8. It was a Christian organization that I worked for, and a Muslim refugee that finally pushed me to become a Muslim.Perhaps, I can tell that story another time, but seriously all I have to say is…you hit the nail on the head.*KUDOS*…and I love you for being so beautiful and wise and kind.


  9. What a beautiful and moving post to read this Thanksgiving morning. I have just written a guest post that will be posted next week on this same general topic. One line from my post seems relevant here. “I believe that all prayers go to the same destination no matter how they are addressed.” Your post is so eloquent and heart felt it brought tears to my eyes. We do indeed have so much power with our words–to hurt or to heal. I had tea yesterday with a Muslim friend. We talked to two hours about just this thing. My life is so enriched by knowing people of different cultures and faiths. We all weave together in God's perfect tapestry.I am so glad you listened to your heart and wrote this post. I hope you repost it from time to time. Blessings to you.


  10. Salma, you got me intrigued, it goes without saying you might write about this soon!!! Thank you so much – your words are precious. Experiencing so much kindness from many make me want to raise my voice for what I think can be changed.Take care Salma and thanks for your support always.


  11. Thanks Galen Pearl, your comments are always wise and full of kindness. I look forward reading your guest post. I agree, all prayers go to the same direction and the true chances we are is that we are more and more mixed with people from different cultures and religions. We have so much to share together. Stay well and have a beautiful week-end.


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