Kindness is still around

Thanks all for your answers on my last post. So I see most of you would do so, would take the girl with you or at least ask her if she wants to share the car to the airport.

It reconciles me with human nature to be true. 

So last Tuesday I was in Paris, ready to go to the airport. I had to take a taxi to go to the bus stop. When I arrived I saw there’s a Strike movement so the Bus won’t pass this day. 
Arrived a woman with an old lady. I told them there was no other way than taking a taxi, I was thinking in my head we could share one. 
The women just said: “No way we are going to pay for a taxi”. She took her phone and called her husband I imagine, said to him:”there is no bus, please come and drive your mum to the airport.” And walked further away from the bus stop, where I stood for 5 minutes, thinking what to do next. Rushing to the nearest ATM to get money. Finding a taxi, and there I got very lucky I found the one who brought me there. I don’t like taking taxis much, not for the cost of it, just the security. I don’t feel safe when the taxi does not come from a company. I watched “Bone Collector” once and could not take a taxi for a year. I would always find another way, walking hours if I had to. Crazy I know. But it is the way it is. 

So to say I would have liked the lady to tell me to come with them. My dad was always the first one to collect people here and there, he would say yes to somebody even if it means turning around all the city to bring the person to her house door. 
I have been educated this way, helping others and I always have a hard time seeing unkindness around. 

Take care

3 thoughts on “Kindness is still around

  1. Your way of thinking is similar to mine. But the world isn't that safe anymore especially if you live in a big city…So, try as Madhulika said to take care of others BUT take care of your self first so that you'll be able to help others!Love and hugs!


  2. I think its not necessarily because people are unkind, these days it is unsafe to offer strangers a lift – they could turn out to be psychos!!You hear so many stories it has scared people.


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