Seize the moment

I like photography a lot but I miss real photos, the ones you take straight out, from the camera to the black room, the photo that shows the reality of things and people. I remember going a lot to photography exhibitions when I was in Paris, reading about how Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa or Steve McCurry were taking their photos, what they were looking at when pointing the lens in this or that direction, how they would decide whether the light was good, the place was right – Being one with the subject of their photo, creating a unique shot.

I got a Digital camera for my 30th birthday last year. I won’t say I am not pleased with it because it would be a lie. My camera is like a second part of me.
Now before this, I was using silver films. I was waiting for the results after dropping the film to the photo shop, happy to go through each photo, to smile at a memory.
When you have only 24 photos you have to make sure to look at what is important, what you want to register, what makes sense. The rest is bliss, is you being there. You will never catch perfectly the sea. What’s the point of taking many photos of the sea when the best would be to breathe the fresh air, set your eyes on the horizon and feel the serenity filling your body.
I am glad I did not gave my old camera away.

When people are moving all around the place, I know I am safe. I have my camera with me. I can enjoy a wedding, a party, a walk in the park or a sunny Sunday. When others miss opportunities, I wait peacefully for the right time.

Photography gives me the chance to look at the world around me. Behind my camera I pause for a moment, I catch the moment. No moment will be like this one again. Whatever you do, you will never live the same moment again. A second and it vanishes.
I am learning to appreciate life as it is. Every morning can look like the previous one, but not one morning is the exact same. You walk the same road but the colours, the people, the thoughts in your mind, your mood, the clothes you were are different. Every sunrise is the promise of a new day but not one sunrise is the same.

When I take my camera out, I don’t do something fancy, I just go for a walk, witness others people lives, catch a flower that inspires me, look at the water, the birds, look at people, what they do, how they talk, imagine their thoughts.
I could take photography classes to learn more but I don’t want. I want to keep this innocence I have with me. I want to continue to see things with new eyes every day, to enjoy the beauty of nature, to take the time, my time.

Your words are lovely, share them with me!

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