Hope, Love,……..

I was about to write a new chapter of the series “simplifying my life” when I received a letter and decided to share with you on something different.

I have near me the report of the Benefit/Charity Organisation ASMAE. It is a charity that promotes education for children all around the world. They work with local partners in countries like Egypt, Lebanon, India, Madagascar, Mali, Philippines,

This association was created by Soeur Emmanuelle, a nun who spent her life teaching and helping the ones in need and after she retired decided to share the life of the people living in the slums of Caire. This was her dream. 

I support a child in India. But this is not the point. So I started reading the report I received, which is about India. Most of these children who receive an education in the centre, managed by Indian people mostly, are orphans, have one or both of their parents in prison (life-sentence), have sick (leprous mainly) or handicapped parents who can’t help them, nor keep them home as they don’t have enough money, no work.

When I read this I felt angry with myself, me who has everything, me who can decide whether I keep my job or stay at home, me who has a cupboard full of food, me who can spare 10 euros for a cinema, when some people have to live with 10 euros for a week.

But I stop my rambling there. What is important is what I realized when reading this paper.

What I saw is the chance given to these children, it is the results they get, the hard work they put in their studies because they know this will save them. 
What I saw is the reward of time and efforts by every one of these people, the ones behind the scenes, the sponsors, the teachers, the children who don’t look down at their misery but up, at what they can achieve, who they can be. 
What I saw is children who know if they do good, they will be able to support their families, children who know that if their parents send them so far away it’s in their best interest. 
What I saw is Hope. The world is mad but in this world there are people with values, people driven with passions, people who know a child future is not written when he is born. Not nowadays.
What I saw is Love, hundreds of people (even not fortunate ones) caring for others, sharing the little bit they can, living a night out or a cinema so that a child can study and visit his family once a month.

There are many horrors around us but there are also many beautiful things, beautiful hearts. And we should always keep this in mind

Your words are lovely, share them with me!

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