Dana from Cyprus

Today we welcome Dana for our weekly interview. Dana is a Versatile blogger – you can find her personal blog @ Dana’s Diary, her Islamic orientated blog @ Guard Your Heart and I think I am right to say she is also a writer @ The Muslimah Corner.
She is full of life and ideas, if you ask she will take you into her world with much passion and love – I am very happy she answered positively to my favour and now let’s listen to her: 

1.    Where are you from?

I’m from Cyprus.

2.    What are you doing in Life – Job, Occupation?

Well, at the moment, I’m not doing anything at all. I finished High school 2 years ago. I’m still searching for education and a Job. And I hope one day I’ll find what I’m looking for. I’m Having problems finding what I want, and economic issues. 
In my country its quite hard for a Muslimah like me to find a descent job. However, I prefer Education first. 

3.   Do you think in your country Women have a voice? 
If not, what do you think could be done?

In my country, yes , women do have a choice but not in everything. It’s tough for a Muslim Woman to live where there is no Muslim Community. I’m hoping for this to change one day, and for my country to be more open with others. 

As I said in No. 2 , it’s hard for the women to find a job, because she observes the Hijab ( the veil ), and she needs to work in a descent job. In my area, it is more of a tourist area, so it’s got so many pubs, bars, disco’s, restaurants etc. 

I really don’t like the fact that people judge by the cover. I think Cyprus should build more educational services, as some people are actually leaving Cyprus to move to another country for education. It’s too expensive over here. They should build up the country, improve all the services, so that all people from all parts of the world would fill up Cyprus, maybe some Muslims will settle over here. People makes power.

4.   How your religious beliefs (if you wish to share) empower you as a woman?

My Religion is Islam. 
My parents brought me up as a Muslim. When I was younger, my mother used to tell me some inspiring stories that touched me. I used to have so many dreams as I always used to wonder about everything that I see, or heard of. 
Since I live in a christian country, I was always wondering about Christianity, Jesus and Mary (peace be upon them). However,  I feel like those dreams helped me to believe that God truly exists, I had a choice to make too, the choice was in my dream, I would never ever forget that dream, and some others I had.

In my dream, I was upstairs at my house, the sky was all grey, and 2 coins dropped from the sky, 1 coin was a symbol of Islam which fell on my right and the other coin was a symbol of Christianity which fell on my left, suddenly I grabbed the coin that symbolizes Islam, I knew this religion was a comforting to me, I would never let it go, I knew that this was the truth, as in Christianity, I had many doubts about it, and questions were unanswered and some things didn’t really make sense to me. 

As I grew up, I wasn’t so into my religion but I had deep love for God. I kept having beautiful dreams, also bad dreams, dreams that remind me of things, I knew they came from God, because how would I randomly have such a dream which I wouldn’t even think of. 
Praise God who gave me everything. In the last year of High school, I passed through such a dark stage of my life, I didn’t feel any comfort at all, and it was my soul that was suffering, I failed to realize it. I had paralysis and a lot of nightmares. I feel that those 2 years that I spent home all the time, was a blessing! At these years I realized my religion, I was so eager to search for more knowledge about my religion. From then, I had such beautiful dreams that I wouldn’t forget, and my nightmares were fading, I could no longer see those dark silhouette figures in my dreams, I knew I had to fight it by the help of God. so it was one dream that convinced me to observe the veil (Hijab). I wanted to put it on because I saw a lot of justice. 

As time passed it made me realize that a woman’s beauty comes from the heart, her personality rather than outside, I’ve seen so many naked women that made me think that they don’t respect themselves, as men would tend to run their eyes through the woman’s body. Look at all the advertisements and the shows, it’s all about naked women, she has become like a product to the society or a sexual tool. Most Adverts are women, showing their outside beauty. 
And I think Women are more valuable than being a product. People do fail to realize it nowadays, because our Era made us like this. We women could tell the world how precious we are, if we only learn to respect ourselves rather than throw ourselves as a cheap doll. 

Islam makes me feel like a real woman, I found purity and chastity the true beauty. It made me feel so alive and happy, so free from what society expects me to be. 
I get inspired a lot by Mary (May God be pleased with her), she was chaste and pure, and this is what I call a beauty in a women. It is her piety, devotion, chastity, a woman of paradise. 

5. Before you leave this world, what changes would you like to see or experience?

Before I leave this World, I would like Justice to happen. As years of my life has passed, I always have watched sad news of wars, crimes, hunger… especially about Palestine, middle east, the Arab world, also Parts of Africa which are suffering from hunger.
I’m still young and if God grants me a longer life, I hope to see a change. I always wanted Palestine to be free from the oppression of Israel, they have waged terrible war crimes and killed children, women, imprisoned men, I have seen all this with my own eyes. My mother always worried and cared for those people which influenced me. I’m very angry with the Eastern And Western side of the world. 

We have so many bad leaders nowadays, especially in the Arab side, they imprison men for speaking for Justice, they torture them and put them to prison, just because they spoke, innocent young men, they even kill their own brothers and sisters, all from cowardice, power and position. My hearts hurts for them, it grieves me so badly. It’s not only about politics, it’s also socially and economically. 
Women are having less rights, also families are tearing apart, people can’t afford to feed their children. I hope to see a righteous leader come out one day, and set the world free from oppression in God’s will, it is my dream come true, I know it will happen because it’s written in our Hadith, our religion tells us of this, about the end times, and a righteous leader to rise before the coming of Jesus, I wish I will be at that time to witness this. 

If I do witness this, I would probably try and do all what I can to join them. I hope for Palestine to be free, and we Muslims to become one community, rather than dividing ourselves into sects, I hope we all unite together with love and peace, as one brotherhood. 

Every time I read about the righteous leaders in our Prophet’s Time ( Muhammad ) I feel like I want to cry, I actually did once, my heart always rips…There was so much justice back then, so much charity and hardly a lot of poor.

6.  A Cause you would support?

I would support Fighting in the way of God , it’s called Jihad. I also would support feeding the poor and needy, also I always had this passion to be a nurse for the soldiers of war.

7.   Friends are important people in our lives – We would all agree I think. What means friendship for you?

Friendship is something that people fail to realize. And I hope I don’t. Friendship is not all about having fun, like a use tool. 
Friendship is like your sister or brother. It is when your friend will always stand up for you at times of hardship , advise us to do the right thing, remind us of God. 
If you have this kind of friend, then your lucky! This friend would want you to go to paradise with him or her. It is a strong bond, true friendship la

I will share something:


I have met so many good online, and blogger friends! like you Marie, I would list a lot more, hehe, but for now, I’m not going to do that and stick to the Question…..

8.  If you are a blogger, could you please describe your motivation to start a blog?

I used to have a diary all the time, but I felt shy doing a diary blog, but I gave it a try, and actually I found out that my diary has got people answering my posts!! Lol, So it’s not “Dear Diary” it’s “Dear beloved friends” =P . 

My intention was to share my feelings, thoughts, imaginations, since I’ve got so many in my head, I need to just write it, maybe I”ll find benefit from that. Also, to meet new blogger friends, to read other inspiring blogs will allow me to learn more. I enjoy reading your posts. 

I want to share the knowledge of Islam to others, so people can get a better understanding of what Islam is all about, as I’ve Got Guard Your Heart Blog, which is all educational. 

9.    Do this benefit your life?

Oh yes..Blogging did benefit me a lot. I’ve met wonderful friends, which I wish to keep in touch with. Through their comments, it made me more stronger, it made me feel like people do care for me.
 I thank you my lovely doovely friends for being there for me. Also the fact that I’m taking all my feelings and imaginations out, really feels good !

10.   Some of your favourite pleasures?

My pleasures, is to blog. To have a walk and look at the natures, think and imagine… to talk with my sister, to day dream, to go to sleep….. lol. 
I love to draw, my drawings are not a simple picture, it’s complicated with all those exotic designs, yep, I actually enjoy it a lot while listening to music, it inspires me some how. That’s it I guess.

11.   A word for the end…….

My last word to you, is that I love you. 

The end.
Lol. nah, not the end.
My last word to you is that I thank you a lot Marie for this interview, I hope you girlies enjoy reading this. Did I bore you in anyway ? hehe. May God guide us and grant us good in this life and the next, Ameen. Thanks for reading this. 
Dana, with Love!
Thank you Dana for taking part in this project.
You showed us as women who have much to offer
and we should respect ourselves in order to attain our goals

May your wishes and dreams find their places in your life
May Mary (Maryam) inspiration and your love for Allah guides you always. 

Your words are lovely, share them with me!

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