Foz from The United Kingdom

Hello All, we are back with a new interview. You can find the previous ones at the beginning of this blog or on the right sidebar. 
I might change some of the questions, so if we are not here next week don’t worry we will surely be back the following one. If you want to participate, feel free to contact me
For today I am happy to share with you a new voice – Foz from Muslim Mummy agreed to answer my questions:

1. Where are you from?
UK but my family is originally from Pakistan.
2. What are you doing in Life – Job, Occupation?
I work with the Citizens Advice Bureau as a welfare rights specialist.
3. Do you think in your country Women have a voice? If not, what do you think could be done?
Yes definitely. We have women in high powers of position and also had a female prime minister. However although in reality women DO have a voice there are often groups of women who don’t have a voice. For example I was once an Asian language advice worker for women. The Asian men did not like it and basically said our women are hard enough to control as it is and now you are telling them their rights. It truly saddened me that that kind of mentality still exist.
4. If you had a message you could send out to girls / women in the world, what would it be?

Be proud of who you are. Stand up for your beliefs and dreams. You can achieve whatever you want and don’t let any many tell you otherwise; they are just scared at our potential.
5. How your religious beliefs (if you wish to share) empower you as a woman? 
There is a common misconception that Muslim women are second class and have no rights. That is untrue; you only have to look at the history of Muslim women to see how successful some were. Also woman have many more rights in Islam than some realize which is empowering in itself.
6. Before you leave this world, what change would you like to see or experience?
This may sound clichéd and what a beauty queen would say but genuinely world peace. It would be wonderful if we could all live together without hating each other because of religion. I would love to see the world rid of starvation and homelessness. I would like society in general to improve as it seems to be going downhill with crime rates rising.
On a personal level I would love to see my children happy and achieving their full potential
7. Any values you think are important in raising children nowadays?
One of the values that need to be instilled in children is the concept of family. There are so many children who do not seem to care that they have parents, brothers and sisters; their friends appear to mean more to them. Children need to be taught respect and also be respected and treated appropriately
8. Friendship is a precious gift. What does it means for you?
Friendship for me means someone who you share things with, trust and respect, who you treat as a sister. A friend tells you the truth and not what you want to hear. Who is there for you in the good times and the bad.
9. If you are a blogger, could you please tell us your motivation to start a blog?
I first started to blog when a friend suggested I blog about my work as at that time I worked in a prison and she thought it would be interesting.
I then realized that t would be difficult as I would have to be careful about I revealed and in all honesty I hated going into prison so didn’t want to blog about it at the end of the day. I then just moved onto a simple blog where I just wrote about my daily life and it seems to have taken off!
10. Are you pleased by the experience?
Yes, I have come across some wonderful inspirational blogs and also met some lovely bloggers.
11. Your favorite pleasures?
Spending time with the family
Have some quiet time to myself to read a book
12. A word for the end…………….
I will keep it simple and end it with one of my favorite quote.
‘To dream of the person you want to be, is to waste the person you are.’ Unknown

Thank you so much Foz far sharing your thoughts with us
for showing we CAN more than we think sometime
and remembering us to be proud of who we are 
(I think it’s something we need to keep in mind as we tend to underestimate ourselves too often)
Stay blessed.


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