Mara from The United States

Believe it or not, I am so happy to share with you today another Interview. “Your Time To Shine” is back.
If things go well I will post one every 2 or 3 weeks. I am tied up on many things but when I read the answers I received I am so amazed that I think we all have treasures to share Ladies!
So today I present you Mara. Mara writes @ An Introvert’s Poetic Garden and @ From The Heart – Plain & Simple. Even though I like her poetry very much, I also love her other blog, she shares many ideas about life and good advices, inspirational thoughts.
Let’s get started! Hi Mara,

1. Where are you from?
– I currently reside in the United States with my husband.
2. How would you describe yourself in a couple of words?
– To describe my personality style within a few words, I would say that I’m terribly introverted, I have a dislike for crowds and therefore, I thrive in an environment of solitude, and lastly, I am quite “shy” around people who I don’t know well.
3. Do you think in your country women have a voice? If not, what do you think could be done?
– Where I live in the United States, I feel that women are able to make their own decisions and choices. Of course, this doesn’t imply that everything works perfectly, for some choices women make are scorned, while others are celebrated. As a result, some choices may be made based upon what society expects of her.
With that said, I do feel that there is much pressure put upon women in the United States to “perform” (e.g., be beautiful, aim at all costs to have a slim and sexy body, obtain the “perfect job,” etc.). This creates the idea that women must take-on more tasks than they can reasonably handle (or want to handle).  I believe this problem is caused by clever advertisements that promote too many conflicting messages, and women may be unsure as to which path to choose. Unless the marketing industry changes their advertising agenda, unrealistic expectations will continue to be placed upon women.
4. One thing you learned from your mother and you would like to pass on to the next generation?
– My mother is a very patient, loving, and religious person. She is also very generous with giving and sharing her time and resources with other individuals. I must shamefully confess that I am lacking and/or deficient with some of these qualities. However, I pray that before I leave this earth, I will be able to instill in people the importance of loving others (as my mother has) without holding any grudges or irritations.
5. How your religious beliefs (if you wish to share) empower you as a woman?
– I am not sure if I am comfortable with saying that my religious beliefs “empower” me as a woman. My belief and faith in God assists me in getting through each day of my life as humbly as possible. My religious faith also shows and instructs me which areas of my life I need to improve upon. Therefore, the goal of the Christian life, in my estimation, is to work towards contentment and simplicity. My Lord, Jesus Christ, is bestowed all the glory. If I happen to be “empowered” in any way, it’s only because of His great mercy and grace and nothing that I could ever do within my own strength.
6. A cause you support or would like to support? Why?
– My current occupation as a woman is a stay-at-home-wife (SAHW), which means that I choose to care for my home and family full-time even though God has not blessed me with children during this season of life. I “know” of a few SAHW, but it appears that most remain “quiet” because certain individuals in this society do not understand why certain women choose to stay home full-time instead of obtaining a job or career if there are no children present in the home. If there is any “cause” I would support, it would be for SAHW. We need to be supported and respected for our choice and decision instead of being looked-down upon, “silenced,” or ridiculed. I will also add that stay-at-home-moms (SAHM) need to be supported and respected as well.
7. What does friendship mean to you?
– I take my friendships very seriously. Though there is much I could say about this subject, in my estimation, a true friend should have at least these five qualities:
* A true friend should be able to accept you as you are without pre-conceived conditions, for no one is perfect.
* A true friend should be willing to listen to you and support you when you’re having “down times.”
* A true friend should be able to treat you with respect, though some of your cultural or religious belief may differ.
* A true friend should be real with you (e.g., be themselves). Phoniness has no place within a friendship!
* Lastly a true friend should be someone you can trust, as gossiping and mistrust can ruin a good friendship.
8. If you are a blogger, could you please tell us your motivation to start a blog.
– I started blogging August 2010. My main purpose for blogging has been to be able to connect with other women who have interests similar to myself. I like to “get to know” my blogging friends as much as possible, as we all need friends, connections, and communication. Secondly, I like to support and encourage women (though I’m imperfect with this) with blog posts that are geared to be inspiring, helpful, and motivational. I try to be as honest as possible within an open forum, but of course, some information, reflections and thoughts need to remain private.  
9. Your dream or ideal?
– I have some unrealistic dreams – the kind you know won’t happen, yet when you think upon them from time to time, they bring a smile to your face. However, as for more realistic goal setting dreams, nothing in particular comes to mind at the moment.
10. A word for the end . . .
I’ll end with this poetic phrase:
Learn to Accept Yourself
Your style
Unique, special
Rare, true, can’t be copied
And fabrications will be lost
Your style
Should be enjoyed, celebrated
Not hidden, masked, or veiled
So please embrace
Your style
Thank you so much Mara for adding your voice
I am delighted you decided to join, your poem will stay with me
as a beautiful reminder.
Thanks for showing us as well that SAHW & SAHM are doing a real job
and a hard one
that instead of letting others looking down at them,
we should support their actions
and fight for their life choices to be respected.

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