Mehreen from Pakistan

As promised, today we are back with a new Interview. 

First let me thank you all for your support, the comments and ideas you share, the kindness you show in reading me always.

Now let me introduce you Mehreen. She accepted to answer my questions and I am glad she did. 
Each interview has something special, each voice is unique and the wisdom each of you shared with us is precious. Mehreen blogs @ The Perfect Line, if you visit once you will never want to miss the next post, she has her own way to reach your heart.
So Mehreen,

1.  Where are you from?
I’m from Lahore, Pakistan and living currently in Oman.

2. How would you describe yourself in a couple of words?
I would say I am still in the process of growing up into a woman who is a source of comfort for her family and loved ones; so right now, I can’t think of any definite words that can completely define me. I’m evolving.

3. Do you think in your country Women have a voice? If not, what do you think could be done?   
Women in my country are evolving but still I would say they are divided into two groups: one that have the courage to raise their voice against injustice and one that fears doing so. Justice needs to be prevailed in order to eliminate fear from women and to make them conscious of their rights.

4.  One thing you learned from your mother and you would like to pass on to the next generation?
My mother taught me to be honest in my dealings. Hard work and honesty takes you a long way. She also taught me to be honest to yourself and in front of God; it endears you in front of God.

5.  How your religious beliefs (if you wish to share) empower you as a woman?
My religion Islam was the first religion that highlighted the rights of women. I need not debate the principles of my religion here but it has shaped me into who I am by setting my own limits and that of others.

6.  A cause you support or would like to support? Why?
The cause closest to my heart is the rights of special children and their place in our society as complete individuals like us. I have a brother who is special and I know he is special not because of lacking something, but because he has something we don’t have. You can read more about my cause here.

7.  Any values you think are important in raising children nowadays?
Raising children is hard work! I believe you need the really correct balance between being friendly with your children and being strict with them. You have to be friends with them so they can learn confidence in themselves. On the other hand, discipline and strictness is needed to stop your children from going over the board and landing into trouble of any kind. Of course, the trick is in finding that perfect balance.

8.  What does Friendship mean to you?
Friendship is a relation of trust. My best friend is my husband, so for me the definition of friendship runs so much deeper than the ordinary.

9.  If you are a blogger, could you please tell us your motivation to start a blog?
I am a blogger and I write at the perfect line. I love weaving stories and showing people how I view the world. I take my readers along a very heartfelt journey with me and I’m glad they are able to relate with it.

10.  What did you learn from the experience?
I learnt the healing power of words. My readers have showered me with love because what I say to them speaks to their hearts. I have matured as a writer and the credit goes to everyone who has been reading me all this time and taken the time to help me grow.

11.  Your dream or ideal?
My dream is to write a book and see it on the ‘Specials’ section in my favorite book store!

12.  A word for the end…………….
Be yourself. There is no one like you. Be your own kind of beautiful. Have faith and just a little courage. Knock ‘em dead, girl! J

Thank you very much Mehreen for your participation
Thank you for reminding us we are growing, evolving always
to be the best supporter of our loved ones.
I wish you all the best in your new life
And hope one day we will all read a book written by you
You have the talent, faith and passion to do it
So pursue your dream.


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