Sie from The Philippines

I am so happy to start this new Series of Interviews from Women around the world. 

I’ve called it “Your Time To Shine”, because I see Women as Lights in this world. They are many times considered as less important. I don’t think so. I think each one of them has a voice and things to share, wisdom to pass on.
I hope to have one interview per week. So if you wish to participate, please reach out to me – Be certain I will be delighted!

Today my dear Blogging Friend Sie has agreed to answer my questions and to share her dreams, beliefs and ideas with you all. 
Sie is blogging @ A Life’s Journey and apart to be an amazing friend is a woman that can touch your heart in one second. Now let’s hear what she has to say:

1.       Where are you from?

I am from the Philippines

      2.       What are you doing in Life – Job, Occupation? 

I was a former bank teller before from two banks..but I resigned because I had miscarriage so now I have the most  noble job of being a single mom.

3.       Do you think in your country Women have a voice?
If not, what do you think could be done?

In our country Yes Women have a voice.We have former Presidents and senators who are women that have stood up and lead our country. There are also non government institutions that have always geared on the rights of women in our country particularly on women against domestic violence and preserving the rights of women as a whole.

4.       If you have / had a girl, what is the Golden Rule you would like to pass on to her?

I have a daughter and I always taught her not to trust easily. Know every person deeply first before you give your full trust.
Being kind also to every person has limits, so I always teach her to be cautious of persons who abuse one’s kindness. My daughter I should say is like me. Honestly she got my character of just crying on one corner even if the person has caused her pain several times. So sometimes I tell her to fight back once in awhile not physically of course but to tell it to her teacher or to me. 
It already happened once, she went home with a cut on her arms and I asked her who did it. It was then I knew it was done many times by the same kid and she did things like pushing her, saying bad words to her and my daughter remained silent. Now she went home with a wound on her arm, maybe because she didn’t fight back so that kid thought it was ok.
I have always taught her being angry is not bad at all as long as it is with the right reason.So people won’t abuse you in any way.

5.       How your religious beliefs (if you wish to share) empower you as a woman?

My parents are born-again Christians and I should say they have influenced me in a way. My father most specially has always taught me to be humble and to always keep my compassionate heart open. I was abused when I was a child by my Mom but things have changed when she became a member of their church.

I have always believed that on every painful situation that I went through God has allowed it for a purpose. Most especially when I and my kids have been through domestic violence it was like a deep pit fall for me. But I always had faith that God have never abandoned us.

I did pray Marie for years. I have no idea that I was already blinded for several years. But I have always prayed to God to give me a will to be strong to fight for my kids and myself. You know of having the feeling of being a failure. You want to be set free but you where caged in a home you have dreamed of but it was shattered because of violence.

Then God answered. He gave quiet angel.We were only mere friends before but through him and his group through bloggers they made me see specially him that I can be set free of the abuse that I was chained if I wanted too. Through him God made me realize that I was still valuable and worthy in His eyes. God really sent angels who will help you move on.

I didn’t expected Him to give quiet angel but I can say now that through my adversities in life God have blessed and rewarded me. He has always been their Marie and He has heard my every cry. Regardless of all the pains I have been through I have always surrendered my life to Him.

6            6 . Before you leave this world, what change would you like to see or experience?

Before I leave this world if there would be any change I would like to see in our world is their will be no single kid starving. I have always looked on the eyes of a child and seeing these kids especially in Africa suffer from starvation always touched my heart.

For myself..their is only one wish that I have always desired Marie..that one day now I am crying because you know I have heart have a HAPPY AND COMPLETE kids having a loving is what I have always dreamed of Marie since I was a child. To have a happy family of my own. To have a happy home.

7.       A Cause you would support?

I am a Mom so I would always support program for children’s welfare.

8.       Friends are important people in our lives – We would all agree I think. What means friendship for you?

Friendship for me I should say is just but a word to describe one’s closeness to someone.Because for me friendship would mean having a sister. Friendship with me is a strong word because it involves valuing a person. Valuing a person not for what she has done but just the mere fact that you and she have made a bond or connection to each other.

Someone whom you can give your trust and respect. I don’t usually trust people so when I offer my friendship it is because that person is special because I have chosen only a few.

9.       If you are a blogger, could you please describe your motivation to start a blog?

I am a blogger and I was motivated to blog because I would like to share my life experiences to let my readers know that there is always Hope. When I started blogging it was a journal of my day to day life. I have heart failures and I said to myself why not writing my experiences and let people learn from my failures in life and let them see through my writings that life is beautiful regardless of all that I have been through.

I was saying so when I have to leave this world in a blink at least I have done something good and gave inspiration to a person’s life. I have always this one principle in life- Help people feel love and special even on the simplest thing you can do because it might save lives. Blogging for me has been one way of reaching out to one’s life. Touching their lives through my real life experiences.

10.    How this has benefited your life?

Through blogging I met friends. Though virtually it regained my self-confidence back. I met some people who can I call to be true.
I have met quiet angel through blogging so I could say love really finds a way hahaha..and it is where we first met through
Through my blog and reading other blogs gave me a strength in a way to move on with my life. I did say I made a blog to inspire other people but in return it is them, my readers and friends who inspired me more to move on and hold on to the life that God has given me.

11.    Your favourite pleasures?

My favourite pleasure..just walking along the beach..sunset..singing songs with quiet simple but that’s what I have longed for..anywhere Marie I will go where he wants  as long as I am with him and my kids.

12.    One last word………….

Is this the last one hahaha..Thank you so much Marie for this interview. I hope I have inspired your readers on every word that I have said.

Before I go maybe the last thing that I want to say is my life is a living testimony…that all our pains shall pass…Whatever situation we are in now…we can be set free if we wanted too…Sometimes our lives become complicated because we ourselves do so. The best thing to do is to move on and not to let our past failures determine our present and future life.

We can always survive life as long as we learn to surrender our live s to God and let Him do His will in our lives. Accepting what life has given us and standing up again..Moving on to our journey one step at a time. And love love love 😉

Thank you so much Sie! You did good as always. I have been very moved by your answers and I hope many more will enjoy your view of Life.
All the best for the future! For you and your loved ones!

Your words are lovely, share them with me!

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