Our Own Destiny

The sun shines. He is loved and in some countries venerated.
When the sun says to the clouds: “please let me shine”
The clouds answer by fusing together
Till they cover the sky with darkness
When the sun says to the rain: “please let me shine”
The rain sends more water on Earth
And create puddles and floods
When the sun ask God: “Why you let the rain and clouds have more power than me?”
God says to the Sun: “You can’t have it all. Each one of us have our own destiny”
Then night comes on Earth and it’s time for the Sun to hide.
The Moon shows her face and help the world finds its way in the dark
When the Sun goes to sleep, the Moon says to him
“Rest well,
Tomorrow is another day,
Tomorrow you will try again

Your duty is to Shine.

13 thoughts on “Our Own Destiny

  1. I could never have imagined that sun would have complains too. :DBut the lesson behind this is wonderful. Pray to the almighty to let our inner shine never be overshadowed with misfortunes.Lots of love Marie! xoxo


  2. Everybody complains dear till each one realize it's the way things are and that we should always celebrate what we have instead of think about what we don't have. Take care dear .xx


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