In Love

It’s what I am. And who I am too.
I believe in Love, more than anything else. I believe in Love as God is Love. And if there is only one thing I should remember all my life and teach my children it would be this. Love for others and Love for oneself.
Love is the key to every pain in the world. Love does not talk with words, it expresses itself with acts. Love shines. Love links the hearts of people together.
I remember Love this morning, because too often I let myself be dragged into pain, where I only see darkness around. I tend to forget the days of joy very quickly. I tend to give up because it is too hard. I tend to feel pain and sadness, to think days of joy will never come back, that from now on it will only be a long and hard battle to survive hardships on the way.
I am wrong. Love is still there. Even in hard times. Love is there to remind us hardships don’t last forever. Love is there to show us that a smile, a gentle touch can wake us up. Love is there to tell us even in pain we should never give up, happiness is at the corner.
Now I remember when we have Love we have everything, so we should never fear and always fight the right battle for the best is yet to come.


17 thoughts on “In Love

  1. I think i understood the most important of your words.My english is very bad, and i 'm better in spanishs words…But, the words i seen are very nice, and i think you've a really talent…xxpomme


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