A Chance

She works hard for her two kids,
To give them the chance she didn’t have
At 16 she was at the door of her home
Walking in the desert streets of Detroit
Holding on the only bag she had
And wondering where to go, what to try
No grant for college
No chance to find a good job
Only the joy of holding life in her two arms
And knowing together they would survive
She wakes up at 5 when they are still in bed
In the freshness of the morning she feels it’s worth it
She put on some make up, draw a dark line under her eyes
She listens to the silence and that makes her a bit more alive
She steps out for another busy day
Cleaning offices in the morning
And serving sandwiches till 9
Till it’s time to say goodnight
On her way home she stops for a bite
Giving the rest to the homeless guy
She looks around, everything stands still
Only her life is a rollercoaster
Some might judge her
Or say bad things
But she knows that what counts
Is what leaves in the hearts of men
In the silent night, she prays
Thanking God for living another day
She does it all for her two kids,
Who deserve a better future than the one she had


7 thoughts on “A Chance

  1. so beautiful, marie. i am guilty of judging people in the past. but i learned that i absolutely have no right to because i don't know about anything they're going through and i never will because i will never be in their shoes. i love that quote by Mother Teresa — so so true!take care always and God bless! ❤ 🙂


  2. That's a sad poetry. I feel like I know who it is. God knows better. I hope she will find a way to peace and happiness some day. She never gave up and kept going, which is such a beautiful achievement. I love the Quote too.Thanks for sharing Marie ^.^xxx


  3. We all are in a learning process Irene! I was the same younger, judging quickly and now I understand each life is different and we are here to help each others on the road. Glad you enjoyed it and loved the quote! Take care dear and have a lovely week-end. xx


  4. It is a bit Dana. I did write it thinking of all these people striving every day to give something better to their little ones. They don't give up, they keep going even when it's too hard, they carry their faith with them all along. Take care dear, glad you enjoyed it! xx


  5. Yes she is a legend! I know I am Muslim but I still see some Christians as real inspirations to this day! Their love and devotion to God is inspiring. Hope you are well Marie – thinking of you x


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