Declaration of Faith

I am born a Catholic
Been baptised
Did my first and second Communion, my Confirmation
My Dad’s father was a pious Christian, a lively example of love, a true believer of God and a follower of Jesus,
A kind heart and spirit and a model for the little girl I was.
My Dad’s mother never talk about God. She must believe as she moves through the end of her life tragedies with peace and serenity.
My mum’s father did not believe in God. He thought religion was nonsense. 
My mum’s mother believes in Saints, prays for lost souls and has a special place at home for the her loved ones who passed away.
My dad goes to church when he needs God’s help
But he is always there for the ones in need
My sister too.
My mum believes in God
And gives her time for others
When I was a kid, my dad helped at our local church, he was doing the accountancy
While my mum was teaching young children 
I grew up and with me, all questions and doubts of life
I used to go to Mass every Sunday, because I had been taught it was good to do so
I was thinking it would help me to overcome my fears and the hours of darkness

I stopped to go to Mass – I don’t believe I am eating the body and the blood of Christ
Thought I believe Jesus died for our sins
I could have been a Protestant
But I do believe in the Virginity of Mary
So my beliefs don’t match

Sorry if I offend anybody but I don’t believe in Satan as a separate entity
I think each human knows deep down
What is good and bad
I don’t blame Satan if I do something bad
I ask for forgiveness instead as I know, as a human, I am weak 

I married a Muslim man and I know as a mother I will have to educate my children
To be good Muslim
As I always say
What counts is what lies in your heart

My friends are from all around the world 
And from different faiths
My love for them knows no border

As for me

I don’t have any religion
I embrace them all
I don’t belong to any community
I share with them all
My heart praises God
And gives thanks 
My Religion 

20 thoughts on “Declaration of Faith

  1. I agree sis is not on the religion that we have..I am a Catholic now..I was a Born again Christian before and honestly because of the influence of my parents who are elders of their thing I have proven to myself..having beliefs and a religion helps BUT what matters most is our Own Convictions, Our Faith and the end we will be held accountable for our on actions when we face Our Him..It is on How we live our lives to the fullest ;)Love you sis Marie 😉


  2. ah oui alors moi aussi la religion c'est l'amour oui oui oui !!! je pense aussi qu'il n'y a pas le mal comme entité mais qu'on l'a en nous tous, à nous de savoir faire la part des choses et de dominer ce mal et nos peurs, pour tendre vers le meilleur, pas simple je le conçois pour qui n'est pas né avec sa bonne étoile…bisous ma Marie ❤


  3. It's good to sort out your thoughts and know where you are, Marie. There is no force in religion. You have to come on your own free will. No matter what, I will always love you and you will always be my sister.


  4. On est bien d'accord, mais je crois aussi que nous sommes les seuls a pouvoir changer la donne……….on peut evoluer avec une meilleure etoile si on le decide.Bises ma belle et douce journee a toi.


  5. Thank you so much Asni, your words means so much, you have such a kind heart dear. I think love is the core of every religion and God is love so love means everything to me. Take care and stay blessed always. xx


  6. It's o beautiful.. and i can testify to your love for all regardless of their religion by what you have always done to me 🙂 Marie, you are an amazing human being and that's that 🙂


  7. Lovely post Marie as usual. Very interesting what you wrote – I think we all have to find our own paths – religion has to be choice – you can be guided by your parents but you alone have to make your own choice. I am Muslim so will bring my children up as Muslim, but when they are older they have their choice – obviously as a Mother I would be very upset if they didn't follow the same religion but as Muslims we know religion can not be forced on others. Raising children up as muslims, to be honest coming from a Christian background myself, I can't see that much difference! I tell my children about the stories of the prophets (Adam, Moses, Noah, Jesus) Peace be upon them, the giving to charity, helping the needy, respecting their elders and praying – Many don't realise the similarities of the two main religions!


  8. I think you are right, we all have to find our own way, sometime it can even takes years. But what counts is being true to ourselves. At the end as you say both religions teach the same values and it is what matters for our children to grow up.Stay well dear. xx


  9. Nice post Marie. Love and peace should exist in religion anyway, religion is not hate, it is love , to bring us together and realizing that our one creator is the one who created everything that exists, seen and unseen, who put into our souls kindness and compassion, as God created us Pure. We have a choice to choose, let's choose the right way 🙂 God willingTake care friend ❤ <3xxxx


  10. Hi Marie, I read this when you first posted and thought a lot about what you wrote. I got from it you were sort of re affirming your position with your readers on your belief since you are married to a Muslim man and naturally people will ask you or wonder 'Are you then Muslim?' if they don't know that you aren't one already.What I wanted to ask you which I refrained from before because it's quite personal was how do you feel with Islam saying it is fine for Muslim men to marry Christian women but they have to raise the children with Islam?Also in your post you said you follow no religion, but the religion of love. Does that mean you aren't a Christian but one who takes from all religions that promote love, kindness, generosity etc Hope you don't mind me asking.


  11. Hi Sanaa, I don't mind at all. I get this question “Did you convert” or “Did you have to convert” a lot!! I was raised a Christian but growing up I realized all religions were founded on the same values. Then marrying my husband I discovered a bit more about Islam and I could see thoughts there were some differences with the religion I had been taught, there were as well lots of similarities people often don't see.Being part of one religion is not something that suits me. So thought I am baptized I won't say I consider myself as a Christian. But my roots are in this religion and I will never deny or reject them. They built the person I am now and I can always refer to them.Being attached to no religion gives me the chance to better accept the fact that my children will be educated as Muslim. I will be able to use my Christian background to show them that we all believe and worship the same God, just a different way, that there is no “best way”, that it really depends on what we have in our hearts.About Islam saying it is fine for Muslim men to marry Christian women but they have to raise the children with Islam, I feel quite at ease with this idea, as long as there is no rejection from the husband side of her wife's religion.We often talk about this with my husband, I just try to explain him what we teach us as Christian. I have hope, with all the work many people do in Interfaith dialogue, that one day people will stop judging each other on the base of religion and will work hand in hand to create a better future for their children. I read an article about a Journalist going to Israel some time ago and saying “It was wonderful seeing Jewish, Christians, Muslims praying together in the Holy City of Jerusalem”. It is my hope this happens again.I remember when we got married the Imam saying to my husband “you will also have to respect your wife's faith and Christmas is one special time for her, stand by her side, go to mass with her, it will not change who you are. But she is your wife and as, by marrying you, she agrees to raise her children as Muslim, you, as her husband, should respect her faith.” This is written in gold in my mind. I will never say enough time Thank You to this Imam for showing me the great power the love of God gives you.Long answer but I think all is said.Take care Sanaa and thank you my friend.xx


  12. Thank you Marie and I am glad you didn't think I was prying I sincerely wanted to know and wanted to ask you for ages. lolI do understand your reply and it wasn't long at all. The imam was right for reminding your husband this. Though my mom married her husband at the registry office whilst she was a Christian, at the time he didn't feel the need to force anything upon her due to my mom at the time being a practising Christian woman. Few yrs after she did embrace Islam and honestly there aren't much changes in her at all, just slight adjustments. Thanks again for answering.Take care too, Sanaa*


  13. En découvrant ton blog Marie, je pensais que tu étais convertie à l'Islam… Tes mots de tolérance et d'amour envers l'Autre quel qu'il soit, montre une grande sagesse de ta part, et je me demandais comment tu considéres la vie après la mort ? si ma question ne te gêne pasIl me semble qu'on mène sa vie en fonction de la réponse à cette question…


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