Gold Stars

Friends are
Count them
Little things
So sweet, loving and caring
Never far
Love is alive
In every breath
Every blowing kiss
In the air
Here and there
Knowing when to come
Or stay behind
Knowing your silence
And your joys
The smile they hide
Is an invitation 
To Love
Friends are
Count them
On the fingers of your hand
And in the stars
Angels never stop
To spread
Messages to friends
Across the Universe

Friends are
Never counting
The hours 
That separates you to each other
The days
Of pain and sadness
Only remembering
To be an ear
A kind hearted dreamer
A magician
Who will turn on the light
Who will show you
It’s bright

Source Photo – The Change Blog

12 thoughts on “Gold Stars

  1. Wow dear Marie, your words are breathtaking and so purely true. Thank you for always spreading love and wisdom ❤ I hope all is well with you and hope you did receive my mail some time ago ❤ I was unsure which email address to use… I send you all my loving and hugs ❤ ❤ ❤ God bless you always.


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