On the Journey………

…………You dream of a pause. 

An instant to think about the beauty of Life itself, to reflect on what God grants you, on the faces that crossed and are crossing your road and the many words of support you receive every day.
A pause to say thank you and let the charm of a sunny evening calm your mind and purify your heart. 

A pause in nature to know who you really are, what you really want, where you are heading for and letting go.
A pause to understand this moment is unique – In this moment there is no past, no future. There is just you and the precious minutes of now to remember you nothing last.
A pause to breathe the fresh air and to fall in love. 
A pause to start again – we are all beings in process – stronger, knowing you are never alone, struggles are hidden blessings and God is never too far.


Your words are lovely, share them with me!

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