How Love defines itself

Love does not need words to express itself. 
Love lives in the silence of the heart. 
Love is there even when we don’t see it. 
Love is infinite and sacred.
Why do we always ask for words? Why do we always ask for proofs? Why do we always wish to carry love in a box, afraid it could fly away, it could leave us?

Love can’t be contained. 
It comes and goes and we can’t do anything about it.
Love is in the little things one can do for another. 
Love is free to exist when our hearts don’t ask for anything. 
Love only attracts Love. 
Love only deserves Love.
Love shows itself to the ones who are ready to receive it, who knows its power and have learnt its secrets.
Love is there in the eyes of the lover. 
Love is there in the softness of the touch. 
Love stands still – Nothing can distract it – Nothing can destroy it.
Love is by essence divine 
And only by accepting the sanctity of Love can we experience it truly.


12 thoughts on “How Love defines itself

  1. Love – yes we always like proof! I know my husband loves me but every now and then I have to tell him to let me know in words – he laughs at me each time saying you know I love you but he humours me and says it anyway just to keep me happy! That is Love because if he said it every day it probably wouldn't feel the same anyway!


  2. I too ask too often for proofs…….but then I don't like doing so. My husband laughs every time I say this to him. He wonders why should he say it when I know it!! Men are different……..take care dear. xx


  3. Yes men are different, especially when it comes to showing love! I understand his way is different from my way of showing love – we women look at the romantic ideals shown in books and movies – where men just don't see it that way at all! I didn't want to mention your pregnancy in posts as I hadn't noticed you write about it – apart from your comment here yesterday! Now that you have talked about it I wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and hope your pregnancy goes smoothly. Take Care.


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