Wave of Simplicity

 I don’t like when it’s big

For everybody to see it
Thanks and Fans to appreciate
There is no pride to have because you gave

I don’t like when it shines
Gold and Medals
A Shrine for a Saint to admire
There is no pride to be a star

I like the pretty smile
A tender touch on a painful scar
The little voice who says hello

If you make it simple
You’re a Hero


5 thoughts on “Wave of Simplicity

  1. Marie, my dear Marie! I finally have found you!! Ever since your note in the mail, I have been wanting to get a hold of you on the internet to congratulate you. But alas, everything has been returned and I couldn't find your blog. Thank you so much for finding me so I can find you again :). And thank you thank you for your email! I'm elated to see your words of encouragement again and looking forward to your posts.


  2. Glad you found your way there Amie! I missed your lovely words but you are back, it is what counts. Things happened and I had to delete blogs and mailboxes. Anyway thanks for your lovely words dear, looking forward exchanging with you.much love to both. xx


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