Golden Stars – 2

I saw these girls on the bus yesterday laughing out loud, joking about silly things, enjoying every minute.
It took me years back when you and me were the same crazy teenagers making up stories and talking to strangers in the street.

They reminded me of the time we met, share our lunch on a city bench, turning around ideas in our heads, trying to imagine the world, creating it a better way.

They reminded me time went by, oceans and countries have driven us apart, new faces have join the group and some have left, surely for good.

They reminded me we have been there for each other, sharing our joys and facing the most terrible challenges hand in hand. And we will always be.

They took me back to the time I thought friendship was a feeling I would be deprived of all my life – I did not seem to meet the good ones.

And then. They reminded me I would never be there without you.

My friends, from yesterday and today, you are treasures I am blessed to count on the 10 fingers of my hands.


12 thoughts on “Golden Stars – 2

  1. Dear MarieI hope that you are doing well. This post definitely takes me back to my teenage years again, with innocent friendships, young girls believing that anything's possible and that fairytales are what life is made of. So optimistic and energetic and so trusting. Aah how quickly the time has passed, and while life has taught us many things, while fairytales have been shattered and reality has hit, I think that inside that innocent, trusting and optimistic part of us still exists, we just have to let go of life's craziness and we'll find it once more. Thanks for the reminder and as your blog reminds us we should just let life be!Stay well always;-)


  2. Dear Zarina,It is so nice to see you here. I hope you are keeping well my friend. I think you're right it is still there, we just have to reach out for it and accept it as part of who we are.Stay blessed dear. xx


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