Step out &Face the Rain

Thanks all for your participation. So here is the list I have, a very interesting one if I can say so:
Rainbow, Waiting, Compassion, Peace, Hope, Ocean, Smile Resurrection.


It’s dark outside and you don’t know what to do,
Grab your coat or stay inside, in your cosy home
Watching the news or reading a book
Make up your mind
And stop waiting
Ideas don’t fall from the sky
Step out in the rain
Even through the clouds
You might witness a rainbow
In every ray of the sun
There is a ray of hope
With every smile you share
You teach peace to the world
Life is a wide and beautiful ocean
Where people meet and share love
So many people wander the streets
Crushed under the heavy weight of terrible hardships
Looking up at the sky, full of hope
Praying for a resurrection that will bless th
eir souls
In your heart there is compassion
Don’t keep it locked
Outside in the rain
Somebody might need your help

Your words are lovely, share them with me!

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