A time to cry and a time to rebuild your life…….

There are times in life when nothing makes sense
When one day you leave everything behind
Your dreams, the love of your life, your job, your friends, your projects, your belongings, your memories, your gifts,……….
When one day you know nothing will be the same again, when the only thing you can do is crying and hoping the pain will end
When you only wish to die and forget everything that happened, when you keep asking yourself  “why?”
There are times in life when you can only see darkness around you
But when you look closer, you can distinguish at the end of the tunnel a ray of light
And you start hoping again, just a bit of hope every day
With the help of God
With the love of your family
With the constant support and kind words of your friends
With every one of your heartbeat
You start to see being alive is worth everything
You start to heal
And you understand it will be a hard battle to come to terms with your own demons and fears, with your feelings of shame and guilt
But you will fight for it, with your two littles fists
and the Love you carry with you from the beginning of time

There are times in life when you feel ready to rebuild what has been broken, to forgive and start again

In every smile, every gift, every experience shared

You find the strength to move on
And when you feel like giving up
You remember you are never alone,
hands and hearts are around to guide you back to Life.
Thanks to you all for your words, your prayers, your actions, your letters
Thanks for respecting my silence
Thanks for reminding me to have faith and believe
Thanks for giving me the chance to see the shy ray of sunshine in the middle of the darkness.


25 thoughts on “A time to cry and a time to rebuild your life…….

  1. I can relate to these words all too well. I've been dealing with a digestive issue for the past 6 months, and it's only just the beginning of my journey. Sometimes life isn't so nice. All one can do is their best with God helping them along the way.


  2. MarieMay the light shine on your darkness increasingly and my your pain be converted to joy. I wish you all the best and I know that soon you will find happiness again. Stay well and take care of yourself and your baby


  3. You're welcome, . For it's ont easy to find the right Woods to help, we réaction with our expériences… But I had on Doubts you could find A Ray of light to go through the darkness and find your way to survive to all this. Friendly yours, lot of kisses catherine


  4. I am happy, Marie, to know that you have found the strength that will help you move forward. It takes a lot of courage to move out of darkness in which we are thrown unprepared. You are one courageous person.Lots of love, light and hope to you. ❀❀❀


  5. Asalamu Alaykom Marie,I particularily liked this quote: A calamity that makes you turn to Allah is better for you than a blessing which makes you forget the remembrance of Allah. – Ibn Taymiyyah


  6. Enfin un petit peu d'espoir dans tes écrits… J'y crois moi à cette reconstruction Marie…Un matin, tu lèveras les yeux et tu verras que la vie est belle… malgré tout.Je serai toujours là, je t'aime très fort mon amie… à tout bientôt !!!


  7. Merci ma Cécile…….c'est juste une épreuve de plus à passer. Cela ne deviendra jamais un simple souvenir, mais j'arriverai un jour à dépasser la peine et avancer dans la lumière.


  8. Sui,thanks a million for yur kind words. I am on the road towrds light. Sometime darkness seems more confortable, you can hide and let go. But it is not Life.Stay well my dear. xx


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