Hopes, projects and dreams

Before I met him
I had hopes, projects and dreams
Of an harmonious life
And a house full of kids
When I met him
I gave up many things
Created new hopes, projects and dreams
Between Ireland, Egypt and here
When I left him
I lost my hopes, my projects and my dreams
Wondering how I could continue to live
Without his hand and the love we used to share
When I carry my son in my arms
In the tender gaze of his grey eyes
I see new hopes, projects and dreams
Between two rows of tears.


18 thoughts on “Hopes, projects and dreams

  1. •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰Bonjour Chère Marie !!!!✿✿彡Tes mots sont beaux et très émouvants !Ton avenir tu le lis dans les yeux de ton bébé. Il ne faut pas regarder derrière toi.Courage Marie !GROS BISOUS et meilleures et douces pensées amicales ! ✿✿彡•✰ •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰


  2. Oh… C'est beau, triste mais plein d'espoir à la fois… Il y aura de nouveau du soleil dans vos vies ma belle…Tu vas te reconstruire en regardant ton p'tit loup grandir, j'en suis sûre.Gros bisous à tous les deux.


  3. Very nicely penned though there is sadness in it. I like the last lines which show a good sign you'll realize your dreams, hopes and projects with the gift of a life – your beloved son.May all go well with you, Marie.


  4. What a lovely text, the love of a mother and the new baby born make miracles… i feel so glad for you, New hopes projects and dreams for a Life full of happiness! Lots of kisses to you and the little one!


  5. It is true, Marie … we live again … in our children. Don't stop dreaming. Life begins again with each new day and with your little bundle of joy, it gives new meaning to life. May God bless both of you and keep both of you safe in His Love. Much love and hugs.


  6. Ne pas regarder derrière, c'est bien vrai Nancy, même si quelques fois c'est un concept un peu dur à mettre en pratique. Mille merci et douces pensées de Nantes. xx


  7. Il m'apporte déjà beaucoup mais ne doit jamais porter mes doutes, mes angoisses…..le chemin est long et douloureux, tant de remises en questions et faire le deuil d'un amour perdu, mais l'arc en ciel n'est jamais loin.Bises


  8. Thanks so much Asni, your words bring peace in my day. Each day is a new one and carry new hopes and dreams for the 2 of us. Stay well, much love from Mister Pop and me.


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