Peace Within

I found peace in the middle of the desert
In a land full of memories
When a woman lived one day
I found peace near water
When boats arrive full of fishes
And the sun shines on the sea
I found peace in a small village
Where I could imagine children running
Images of forgotten dreams
I found peace in a tender gaze
A lost love
A forbiden place
But I have not yet found peace within myself

4 thoughts on “Peace Within

  1. Marie your poem sounded so hopeful, but then I read the last line and I felt sad. I think that peace within yourself comes from acceptance, accepting that you are a human being with many faults, but then at the same time you have many positives and wonderful qualities as well. Self acceptance will lead you to the Creator, this comes with loving yourself, and how can you not love yourself when you realise that you are a creation of the Truly Magnificent Creator. If the One who is perfect created you then there has to be a lot of good. I truly hope that you find peace my friend, the thing is that you have so much love to give to others, but perhaps you should keep some of this love for yourself as well. Only we can heal the gaps in our lives, no other person can do that for us. I wish you all the best, I wish that you find inner peace and joy and I wish that you can find love and happiness within so that you can share that peace and contenment with your baby. All the best always


  2. Hey Marie, this is a great poem. We find peace in in what God has created because it testifies to his existence, this is when we have to try to believe and trust in God who created us just like he created the sea and the deserts…if we do that, we can find peace within ourselves, we just have to find the truth, it's always in front of us. 🙂 xxx


  3. I found peace after reading this.I pray that you find peace within yourself soon. It is difficult for sure but abundant hopes give us the spirit to at least keep seeking that peace. Keep up your hopes Marie. Your words have shown light to many, pleased our senses, made us feel better on a bad day. You have our blessings always.I hope that you are in good health. Lots of love! ❤


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