I am still dreaming of this place. I know one day I will go back there. I have friends to meet and a country to show to my little boy. He is half French, half Egyptian. His cultural background is beautiful. He has so many things to discover that will link us to this country forever.
I have memories of peace. I have memories of loss.
I have words I remember, food I tasted with delight. I have images of people and places, of a house full of smiling women.
Some days I can hear the cock singing, the orange seller yelling, the men chatting outside and the women running around, preparing tasty Kochari and smoked fish.
I want to learn the language, to sing songs to my son, to listen to the music of the land walked by so many prophets.
I wish nothing has changed. But today everything is different, except the love I have for this country that I wish to pass on to my son.


15 thoughts on “Egypt

  1. embrace change, it might turn out to be good.Children always love things through their mothers and I am sure you will pass him your love of Egypt and Egyptians 🙂 Please take care my friend 🙂


  2. Toujours heureuse de te lire ici Nancy….oui c'est un très beau pays et c'est le pays de son papa, alors ca le rend encore plus magique.BISES ET TRES BON WEEK-END


  3. Asalamu Alaykom from Egypt,You know that this country's doors are open to you and your son. You don't need anyone as an intercessor; a go-between, to welcome you. I have been you and now I am me. I wasn't sure if my dream to settle in Egypt ended with my marriage to his father—it didn't! I came here and LOL he's still in America. Let him live there and alhumdulillah I am here…we are here. It's a different “we” than I thought it would be but I'm content with God's plan. I'll see if I can post some easy kid songs and rhymes…eventually. Love and Light!


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