Being Parents – Guest Post from Foz at Muslim Mummy

Hi All, I am happy to have a guest today – Foz, who blogs at Muslim Mummy, will tell you all about bringing up a baby and the crucial question we all ask ourselves – How to be good parents?
So far it’s the best advice I received – Feel free to join in the discussion and share your point of view on the subject:
Becoming a parent changes your life, for ever. And it can be a rocky road initially. You are used to caring for yourself and then suddenly this little being arrives that is totally dependant on you. Basically what you do can impact them in a big way.

So what do you do? Whats the best for them? How to look after this little person in the right way?

It can all be very confusing.

So, do you read parenting books?

Trust your instincts?

Listen to family and friends well meaning advice?

I guess you can use a combination of all. However, I refused to read parenting books that dictated to me on how I should bring up my child. There is so much conflicting advice anyway. Controlled crying, don’t do controlled crying, have a set routine, don’t have a routine.

Do what works for YOU and YOUR baby.

People will like to interfere, I guess its human nature. I often got told don’t hold the baby too much, that I would spoil her and she would get in the habit. I really wanted to tell these people where to go.  I did what felt right for us, and that’s the way it should be.

I’m not saying don’t listen to advice, some is invaluable from more experienced mothers but if something doesn’t feel right to you, then don’t do it.

There is something to be said about instincts, mothers have a natural instinct.

Oh and if you are unsure about something and want advice, then ask, no question is too stupid.

It’s a learning curve all round.

Then you have all these choices too. Breastfeeding, formula feeding, disposbable nappies. Again, don’t let people make you feel bad for your choices.

It is your choice, your life and your baby.


11 thoughts on “Being Parents – Guest Post from Foz at Muslim Mummy

  1. ♡✿♡ ♡✿♡ ♡✿♡Bonjour Chère Marie :o) !!!!MERCI pour tes mots et ta visite sur mon petit blog.Tu es une jolie et bonne maman Marie. Ton bébé a la chance de t'avoir à ses côtés.BISOUS A VOUS DEUX et bonne journée :o) !!!!!♡✿♡ ♡✿♡ ♡✿♡


  2. Dearest ladies, I think being the best in anything in letting God take the reins. Foz, I agree with almost everything you said here- I do believe however, that our children belong to society and if we as a society- as nations thought of all children as treasures then there would be better brought up children. When we focus on individual families- finger pointing starts when our kids go astray…just a thought.Salam ladies.


  3. I totally agree Salma. The only problem is that societies don't seem interested anymore in children – people think about their own interests first. Maybe things can change in the future.Take care dear.xx


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