People are Human Beings

Some days I feel like I don’t want to be part of this world. 

We were watching a movie yesterday evening and at one stage it was said that France was testing vaccins on the population of Africa, population in need of help in humanitarian camps.

I wonder since when politics think they can play with people lives. We are living in a world where money seems to be the only thing that matters, it makes people believe they can hav everything they wish.

Since I am back, I have witnessed racism at every corner. I left France 7 years ago because I could not stand it anymore. I am back. It’s worse. It does not make me want to stay. 

We now talk about others, mentionning the colour of their skins, where they come from, what they wear. We forget too often that we are all human beings. Even animals seems more fair than us. 

I wish to escape from time to time, find a space where there is none of this, where people are respected for who they are. 

Does this place exist? 
Or am I still living on a pink little cloud?


5 thoughts on “People are Human Beings

  1. Hope There is a place like this somewhere… But we should have this place in our world, but people are so concerned by themselves…they just forget the tolerance… Lots of kisses Marie


  2. That's so true Balqis but we tend to forget it – we're better at pushing people into boxes and if you don't feet you are not worth it.Let's keep dreaming and believing we can achieve a better world.xx


  3. I think if this place exists in your heart, then everyone you touch will see it. It just might take them longer to get there. My two cents worth. You put your heart into your blog – it's beautiful, thank you.


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