365 Days of Beauty

The world is going through major changes and there is not one day without bad news. As you all know I am back home with Mister Pop, living for the time being with my family. We all have different visions of Life and it can be tough discussing or getting on together.
I am only 32 years old and I have dreams, ideals. My parents have twice my age and it seems they don’t believe in positive changes anymore. 

Talking about the negative things of Life pushes me down. I need to keep noting what is positive, what is beautiful around me. I need to focus on what I can achieve, on the future I can create.

For my family it’s hard. They don’t understand how I feel, my hopes and ideas. My mum keeps saying to me that Life showed her that the bad she thought would happen already happened. So she has every right to believe it’s not the end of hardships. 

I understand we don’t have the same past, we don’t see things the same way. Sometime it’s hard for me to accept it, I would like her to be happy, to concentrate all her energy and love on the beauty of this world. 

But it does not work like this. So I have decided to start a diary to remember all the positive and beautiful things I am grateful for.

Marie Harmony Photography

13 thoughts on “365 Days of Beauty

  1. I think it's a good idea! there is good things even in bad happening (je sais pas si c'est très anglais ce que je raconte).par ex : quand mon père a eu son accident, c'était vraiment pas top, mais c'est grâce à ça que j'ai pu faire mon dossier de priorité sociale et avoir ma mut dans cette belle ville d'Angers au lieu d'atterrir au fin fond de la Sarthe).A très bientôt,bisous 🙂


  2. Marie I hope that you are doing well, I haven't been doing much browsing or blogging lately but I like this post, I like your idea to start this diary, I agree that it's so important to look at the things we should be grateful for, it helps us to get rid of the negativity. And yes, there is so much negativity around us, that's why we need people to be positive and not to give up hope because good things can happen and people can be good, sometimes we just need to give them a chance!Wish you all the best always. Take care


  3. You have your whole life before you Marie plus the future of your baby. Keep up with your positive outlook – only positive will come out of it. Have faith in God and His Love that everything will turn out alright for you and baby. This is the “jihad” that we go through every day of our lives – to live in the light despite all the darkness around us. 365 Days of Beauty is a great idea! Stay in the sun and its light!Much love and hugs.


  4. Ce n'est pas facile de confronter son point de vue à celui des générations précédentes. Souvent ils sont différents. C'est difficilede ne pas le prendre pour soi (comme une attaque personnelle ou un déni de ce qu'on est, de qui on est) quand les parents nous considèrent comme des naïfs, utopistes, doux rêveurs. Je ne sais pas si je suis très claire… Enfin, tout ça pour te dire que je comprends, j'ai moi-même souvent été confrontée à une vision de la vie très différente de la mienne et du faire face des conflits… Courage, reste toi-même.Bises et heu, je n'ai pas bien compris le 365 days of ?


  5. Très belle idée Marie Harmony de se rappeler de ce qui nous arrive de bien. J'ai lu quelque part que nos cerveaux enregistrent plus facilement le négatif. A nous de faire exister et d'entretenir le positif. Note inspirante, merci !


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