Searching for Peace

Many of us are talking about peace. We want peace for the world. It’s a dream. We can only achieve it if we find first peace within ourselves.

Peace can’t be touched, can’t be held in the palm of our hands. Peace is a feeling that says to us we are fine, we are where we should be and this is what matters.

Peace can only be seen in hearts free of any doubt, anger, hatred and fear.

Peace can be found in the stillness of the morning, when the world prepares itself for a brand new day – new hopes, dreams, new opportunities. You might only feel it for a second when you step outside. This second is not useless, it purifies your heart.

Marie Harmony Photography

Peace is present in prayer, when we kneel down to worship God.

Peace lies in the present. It requires practice. We can have it one day and lose it the next one. That does not mean it will never come back.

Peace is a state of mind, a way of life. We can all achieve it, at our own pace. There is no winner in this search.

Our faith is meant to guide us to this place of eternal bliss, in constant communion with all humanity and our creator.

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