Between red, blue and black

Mister Pop has too cultures, one he will know better than the other. Or not. This depends on what adults are ready to do to make him belong here and there.
He is whole in his difference. He belongs to two countries. And for me he is as much French as Egyptian. No half. No difference.
Today he is still very young, his heart does not know boundaries exist. Tomorrow people might ask him to choose. I don’t want him to have to do this. It won’t be fair. I want him to always remember he did not come by accident, he comes out of love. It is our love that allow this miracle to happen, no matter what came up afterwards.
Yesterday something happened to Egypt and I wonder. What will come next? What do people expect? One man couldn’t change many years of corruption. I don’t care whether this new president was good or not. Some liked him. Others did not. This is always like this. The problem is Egyptian want a chance and they want it now. But they don’t understand one man has limited power. Only God can everything.
They pushed the army out 2 years ago. And the army is back on the scene. They only seem to want things to happen right now. But this is not enough. For things to work, we need to see beyond today. Egyptian don’t seem ready to make sacrifices any more. They wish for a President who will give them every single thing they want right NOW.
I just hope this beautiful country, Mister Pop’s country will grow, changes will be done for the best. I hope this country will give him a chance. I want us to be able to walk freely into the streets of Cairo, Alexandria. I want him to be able to see this village, where a part of my heart still lives, go up the stairs, follow the marks my feet left on the ground and meet his family, this other part of him he will miss one day. I want him to be welcome with his accent and his Christian name. Faith belongs to the heart. When the time comes he will choose his beliefs. In the meantime, he belongs to both religions. No half. No difference.

Between red, blue and black, there is PEACE. 

10 thoughts on “Between red, blue and black

  1. Totally agree. No patience at all. God will change a people and their circumstances when they first change themselves by returning back to Him and doing right. It amazes me. A ruler can't please everyone, what a responsibility they have in governing a country! Subhanallah ad times we are in.


  2. Marie, I wanted to practice my French, but there's no way I could say what I wanted to say…It's a difficult one, but think one thing that scares many people is change. Sure- they say they want it, they want it for themselves, not necessarily others. The Prophet(pbuh) spoke about times like these when the Muslims would be many in # but we would lose because we lost our way.I agree with Sanaa- returning to Allah is the only way. If Muslim & Christian stand side by side and agree that each human life is worth no more or less that would be a start. At this point, each man is fighting for a “different” Egypt. Many think about their own, but not about the country as a whole.Years ago 51% of our citizens (Canadians) voted for the Prime Minister- anyone who knows basic math can figure out how many of the people did not favour that particular party. We had a system- we accepted the process of democracy. Canada is a good country, but people still have issues with what they believe is fair, right and just, this is life. Truth is- there is a difference between a republic, democracy and an autocratic government- the first step for Egyptians is to look at where they were (Mubarak), where they are now (post Mubrak/Morsi), and where they want to be in the future (army?????). And while the popular saying is “the future is now”, we all know that a country with so much culture, and history cannot change overnight.Like Mr Pops, Hassan will likely be asked to choose one day as well. Baba always refers to him as his Yemeni boy. Unfortunately Marie I don't agree that our kids belong to any country- they belong only to themselves and God. As a Canadian I love the peace and respect that we have here- I love that(despite prejudices and biases from some people) we have a home- we have dignity. My son/family will not get this respect in Egypt(I didn't feel respected when I was there), or Yemen or even Jamaica. Times & people change, and allegiance to our country should mean respecting the way of life of all citizens. I'm not saying that things will not change- history says otherwise, and Allah is the master pilot, he does as he wills.


  3. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment Salma. There always comes a time when we have to think and choose what road we need to take, as a person, as a country. I do agree with you when it comes to people only belonging to God. I do believe people belong to the Earth and when time comes to find their way in this life, they need to know where their roots are, where they do come from.Take care dear friend. xx


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