There is humanity in this world

Daily, in the news, we hear about crimes, wars, terrorism. The world is not only made of harsh things and moments.
There are still beautiful people with a kind heart. And I know what I am talking about. My friends, even women I never physically met, have all been there for the past 7 months with a sweet letter, a gentle smile, a nice gift, their constant support and their words of wisdom, when my only wish was to dive in darkness.
When I gave birth, I was quite worried. I did not know how I would handle the pain, how I would do this without Mister Pop’s dad by my side. I was completely lost.

From the day I arrived till the day I left the hospital, I was surrounded by women full of humanity, who listened to my story without any judgement, who helped me, who kept telling me I was doing well. They were truly wonderful people. They treated me with respect, ready to listen to my doubts. They were by my side when I could not handle it anymore. They helped me to look after my baby boy.

I felt human for the first time after a long period. I felt I was worth something again.
I would never have dreamt of a better birth for Mister Pop than the one I had. These moments are precious. These women made them magical, despite my broken heart and the tiredness.
This experience showed me that, instead of looking at what is dark in this world, I should always keep my eyes wide open to witness the beauty. Some people can transform hard times into special ones. These people are shiny stars.


7 thoughts on “There is humanity in this world

  1. I tottaly understand your comment about friends, friends who we have never met…some of my closest friends are my 'online' friends who have supported me more than others…Glad things are looking up for you hun and you are feeling 'human' again. Much Love x


  2. Your posts make me believe that hope never dies. It makes me believe that I am not as alone as I think myself to be. It makes me believe that there is a better world that I still don't know of.I wish that for every bit of pain you had to suffer, you be blessed with abundant happiness. May such wonderful people keep pouring in your life.Lots of love to you and the lil' one. 🙂


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