Say a prayer

You are in the air I breathe
The dance of the wind
The footprints in the sand
In a sweet touch, a gentle smile

You are in the music of the pipes
The growing tree
The first blossoms of Spring
The shining sun of July

You are in the eyes of the friends I meet
In the heart of the enemy
You are the savour on the battlefield
The hand to grab me when I fall

You guide the caravans in the desert
You bring darkness so I can rest
You send the moon to give some light
The stars to show the way in the dark

Every minute of every day
I send my prayers to you

If every of my word is kind and never judgmental
Every of my action, humble
Every of my thoughts, respectful
Every hand to help, true
Every prayer, faithful

Then every time I say your name
I worship you

When I do my cooking
When I clean my home
When I give a kiss
When I read your words
When I love, when I share
When I say Thank you
When I say Sorry
When I help a friend
Or give a hand to a stranger
When I walk in the busy streets
And still contemplate the beauty of the world you created for me

When facing hardships
I should remain patient
For every minute you are with me
From every despair you save me

Source – Pinterest


6 thoughts on “Say a prayer

  1. You are a strong person Marie as you continue to believe. Your faith remains unwavered even when you have faced many hardships. This is the spirit I salute because I know that losing faith is very easy but to keep it is a battle in itself. You inspire me Marie.


  2. Thank you dear Sui. Sometime I feel my faith is even more alive now. i do have doubts but there is always a light showing up in the darkness, the light of hope never fades.Much love from France.


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