Dealing with hardships

Thanks for joining me Ladies.
There are days when I feel like giving up. Days when I cry a lot. Days when I feel strength is leaving me.
Then, there is another morning.
The start of a brand new day.
I tend to welcome it with a bright smile.
And a prayer.
I am ready to fight for the things I believe in, once again.
I am ready to spread Love. We never share enough Love.
I am not scared.
I am not in pain.
I am not angry.
I am alive.
My baby boy is smiling.
The sun is up in the sky.

And I have the certainty that things will work well in the end.
Hardships do pass.
I have HOPE.
I put my TRUST in GOD.

How are you dealing with hardships?

8 thoughts on “Dealing with hardships

  1. This is lovely Marie, despite all the hardships you've made your choice to look at the positive and you haven't allowed it to make you bitter or angry. Most people are unable to do this. Keep Spreading love- there really is a lack of that these days.May you always see the sunshine, even in the darkest of times.


  2. Life is a miracle, a treasure and I don't want to be bitter about it. I have passed this stage of anger. I now try my best to see beauty in every situation, even dramatic ones. I think it's by seeing the sun we can build up a better world.Thanks Zarina. TAKE CARE


  3. And How is the Baby boy now, enjoying the sun at the sea with his grand parents? I like this new home and the title full of hope and joy… There'll be days like this where you'll feel like giving up, where you'll havé on more strengh or feel you don'thave any… And There' ll be other days, full of hope, prays and smile where you'll feel just happy to be There alive with your little one… Where Life Will be a miracle with all your friends and family facing the bad with you, and you' ll get up and walk again and again until you reach the end of your misery. Lots of kisses to you and the little one, what about your blog with your letters for thé Baby?


  4. So sorry hun. I seem to have missed this post. Things do tend to have a way of coming right in the end.You may not understand why you are going through hardship when you are, and it may feel like you are stuck, but things do get better, and sometimes you realise why you went through hardship…. For a better life (God willing) X


  5. The good days erase quickly the bad days Catherine. And it's when I keep believing in miracles.Thanks for your nice words. Don't worry I'll keep going with my letters, I just did not get a chance to write anything yet. Stay well always. Much love.


  6. No worries Foz!I definitely don't understand most of it but at the end of the day I try to focus on the good, wait and see what God has in store for me!Take care and thanks for your support. xxx


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