Change the World with “A Prayer”

“Worry is a prayer for chaos”. 

This is not fom me. 
I just read it the other day on Yosra’s blog – After Hardship There is Ease 

These words made my day.

It’s quite obvious worries don’t take us anywhere. It’s just internal ramblings. 
And after a good time worrying and feeling miserable, we are exhausted.
Prayer is a much better way to deal with hardships. 
Prayer is a way to get connected with God and under God protection we do not risk anything.

I realized this day that worrying was a pure waste of our time on earth.

Obviously I am only human and I catch myself worrying too often.
But now I try to turn towards God, through prayer, every time I feel lost. 
God knows best what is good for us all.
We should remain faithful
Pray for peace, safety
Pray for humanity

Our daily life should be a prayer.
A prayer to say thank you.
A prayer to ask for guidance.
A prayer that share love.

Only prayer can change us and humanity.


6 thoughts on “Change the World with “A Prayer”

  1. Beautiful, thank you for sharing with us, I hope that you are doing well. And I love this new blog, it seems so positive. The title is perfect';-)May your life be filled with positiveness!Stay in Peace


  2. Thanks Zarina. I wrote to you as you were writing to me I think! I wanted some change and this is what I want, to fill my life with God's love and light. Nothing makes sense without this. Stay well my dear friend.


  3. I'm so glad to be able to read your inspiring post again. You're right about worrying, the more we worry, the less we could solve problems. Prayers bring us close to God. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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