Choose your words like you choose a pair of shoes…

 Please think before talking.
Think about your words.
Think about people.
Your words can hurt.
You are the one to decide.
If you have to deliver a hard message, say a prayer, asking God to give you the right words for it.
Please think about how people might feel after your words.
If your words can hurt you, imagine they can have the same effect on others.
Stop assuming your words don’t have power.
They do. And they can do much harm.
Choose instead words that
Bring joy
Guide on the road
Words full of love and kindness

And if you are not sure of your words
Stay silent for a while and breath. 


14 thoughts on “Choose your words like you choose a pair of shoes…

  1. nice post and i would like to add here the saying of the Holy Prophet MUHAMMAD PBUH (“The Muslim who mixes with the people and bears patiently their hurtful words, is better than one who does not mix with people and does not show patience under their abuse” )


  2. So true about the power of words, Marie. I myself have been hurt by words. But I'm pretty sure that I've also hurt others through mine. We all do need to think before we speak. God bless. 🙂


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