Dealing with the unexpected

It feels good sometime to stop what we are doing, just to watch the world around us.

It feels good to take some rest, to breathe in the freshness of a new morning, to appreciate whatever comes to us. It might not be what we were looking for. It might be something different.

But still it’s there and there is nothing we can do to make it disappear. We just have to cope with it. We just have to accept it.
Fighting it will only make us wicker. Fighting it will only deprive us of our energy. 

We’d better sit down and relax. Pray and wish for the best. Silence our minds and look at our feelings.
There is always something that is there that can guide us on the road of the unexpected. We only have to be patient. Nothing comes from nothing.

Everything takes time. Let this time be just what it is. Let this time be a way to improve ourselves, slowly, without any fear of what might come next. The future doesn’t belong to us.

But what we make of the present does.  


10 thoughts on “Dealing with the unexpected

  1. Such a wonderfull text, you're so right Marie let's take time to stop à while and rest, just have a glance around us and appreciate the moment, for what is important is what we do of the present, lots of love Marie xxx


  2. Totally right, we just have to accept it and deal with it…..we can't change that its happened…. and the way we deal with it will hopefully make us stronger.Hope you and Mister Pop are well xx


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